Antifa Nonsense

Dear Editor:

In reply to Yvonne Balcer’s letter in the Hudson Reporter. I was so sad to read Balcer’s letter which continues to re-cycle the election fables that back Trump’s ridiculous challenges to the 2020 election.

As someone who has been an educator for the past 40 years and has hoped that people would learn how to think for themselves, I am very disappointed with the lack of understanding showing in the die hard cadre pushing these myths. Balcer uses a few isolated problems to mistakenly question a system that was overwhelming fair – despite hundreds of failed lawsuits that tried desperately to find “fraud.” Moreover, no “cities were burned down”, only a few nights of random destruction – clearly wrong, but far short of a direct attack on our nation’s legislators and Capitol building.

Rep. Sires is right to point out there is no “Antifa.” It is a name applied at random to a variety of efforts to point out the racism and prejudice in our current politics. “Antifa” means anti-fascist- which I would hope would be a fairly wide spread belief after the horrors of World War II. And for anyone who doubts the relationship between the insurrectionists who attacked our nation’s capitol and the onset of fascism, I urge you to read about the history of German politics between World War I and World War II. Note the constant blame aimed at the “elites” and minorities.

I hope that those who are still in denial will understand that fairness is a goal that all of us seek- and that is a major source of the effort to elect a new President. Perhaps if people made the effort to read history and multiple new sources instead of the internet, we might return to finding common ground.

Brian Wright