Hoboken to increase parking meter rates in business districts

City also offers discounted parking options

On March 5, Hoboken will increase parking meter rates in business districts, charging $0.50 for every 15 minutes.

According to the city, the new rate aims to increase parking availability by providing an 85 percent occupancy rate or a one-to-two parking space availability per block. The increased on-street parking also aims to reduce the number of double-parked cars that block roadways and bike lanes.

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The new rates will take effect on Washington Street, 14th Street, First Street, River Street, and the Hoboken Terminal area.

The city will also offer discounts to those who use a ParkMobile promo code, offer local business employees discounted parking at municipal garages, and offer customers discounted validated parking in municipal garages, which are now equipped with real-time parking availability systems.

Support for new rates

Last February the city council adopted the new meter rates, which were supported by the Hoboken Chamber of Commerce and the Hoboken Business Alliance.

“As we’ve stated in the past, the Hudson County and Hoboken Chambers of Commerce are supportive of these changes,” said Maria Nieves, president of the Hudson County Chamber of Commerce. “While it may seem counterintuitive, higher pricing on metered parking leads to higher rates of turnover on those spots, which is good for business. Especially now, we need to use every tool in our collective toolboxes to support small and locally owned business in particular.”

President of the Hoboken Business Alliance Gregory DellAguila said that the HBA supports business-friendly parking.

“Meter rates within our business districts and the garage rates, both public and private, must work to drive employees and visitors to park in the right location for the right period of time,” he said. “The HBA supports parking rate increases in our commercial districts. Meter rate increases must be one part of a multi-prong solution that the HBA will continue work with the city on and making Hoboken easier to navigate. Communicating parking changes and availability is key to any parking solution that takes place both in the short term and long term in Hoboken. The hope is that integration between websites, mobile apps and signage will one day connect cars with parking in the right location for the right period of time. The HBA will work with the city in lockstep to make parking in Hoboken a positive experience.”

Parking discounts offered

While the new rate at business district parking meters will take effect on March 5, the city partnered with ParkMobile to offer a promo code that will give customers a 50 percent discount on transactions in ParkMobile.

ParkMobile is an app that allows users to pay for metered parking on their phones.

According to the city, the promo code will be valid for up 50 uses per account until the end of the year.

Employees of Hoboken-based businesses without onsite off-street parking will be eligible for discounted parking at municipal garages: Garage B at 28 Second St, Garage D at 215 Hudson St, and the Midtown Garage at 371 Fourth St. for 12 hours for $5.

According to the city, at that rate, employees will save 69 percent each day compared to parking on-street and feeding the meter for eight hours.

To apply for the $5 per day discount garage parking email Hoboken Parking Utility customer service at parking@hobokennj.gov or call 201-653-1919 Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Businesses can now offer customers validated discounted parking at municipal garages through a new online E-Validation system that the city says will streamline purchasing, activating, tracking, and paying for parking validations.

Businesses will receive an online account with Tiba Smartpark and can make payments at the end of the month based on the number of validations used instead of having to pre-purchase validation coupons.

Customers parking at Garages B, D, and the Midtown Garage will receive 50 percent of the standard rate when using e-validations provided by local businesses.

New license plate recognition cameras will scan customers’ license plates when they enter and exit a garage and automatically apply the discounted rate.  

Businesses must set up an account in HPU Online to enroll in the E-Validation Program.

For assistance, businesses can contact HPU customer service.

Real-time parking in garages 

Municipal garages are now equipped with new parking access and revenue control systems, including “parking guidance systems” that provide real-time parking availability information for each garage.

New signs outside the garages display the number of available parking spaces in real-time. According to the city, in the coming weeks, this information will be added to the city’s website to help drivers know if parking is available before they arrive.

“The new parking initiatives we’re implementing are important steps forward in addressing the decades-old problem of parking availability in Hoboken,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla. “Our goal is to increase on-street parking availability for customers, while simultaneously offering discounted parking for employees of businesses, as well as customers, in our municipal garages. I thank the Hoboken Business Alliance, Hudson Chamber of Commerce, Hoboken City Council and former transportation sub-committee chair Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher for collaborating with the city on these parking changes.”

For a map of the areas where $0.50/15 min. meter rates will be in effect, go to https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/edit?mid=1TYrK07vSUFQN9y2i_CWO9tHvRQ3LmWRy

Meter rates in permit parking zones outside of business districts will remain unchanged at $0.25 per 15 minutes.

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