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Hoboken teens can preregister for the vaccine

Hoboken residents over 16 and older can now preregister to receive the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine through the Hoboken Health Department at CarePoint.

Hoboken residents ages 16 and up will become eligible to receive the vaccine on April 19.

The city will soon begin scheduling vaccine appointments at CarePoint from the preregistration list for next week.

“Getting vaccinated remains a critical part of overcoming the pandemic and keeping our community safe,” said Mayor Ravi Bhalla. “The data demonstrates that the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are safe and effective, and I encourage all residents to get one as soon as an appointment becomes available. I also ask all residents to consider talking to their friends and family, and assist them in signing up for the vaccine as well.”

Hoboken residents ages 16 and 17 require a parent or guardian to pre-register on their behalf to receive a vaccine through the Hoboken Health Department at CarePoint.

To register go to  www.hobokennj.gov/vaccinesignup and select the category “general public,” if you do not meet other currently listed categories. Pre-registrants should provide email addresses if they have one, to allow for faster registration.

Currently, the Hoboken Health Department is supplied with 1,170 Pfizer and 300 Moderna vaccines per week from the New Jersey Department of Health.

Residents ages 16 and up will soon be able to register for an appointment in other locations, including Hudson County’s site in Kearny, and State-run locations. 

The CDC and FDA have temporarily paused Johnson  & Johnson vaccine distribution, and Hoboken is following suit.

“Following guidance from the New Jersey Department of Health this morning, we have temporarily put a pause on homebound vaccinations and clinics with our local pharmacies utilizing Johnson & Johnson doses,” said Bhalla. “Our Hoboken Health Department has been working throughout the day to offer those with Johnson & Johnson vaccine appointments the opportunity to reschedule this week at CarePoint … utilizing Pfizer vaccines.”

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