Loneliness is a major social problem

Dear Editor:

It is my opinion that the least talked-about social problem that we have in our country is loneliness. I believe that it was Henry David Thoreau who said that most people “lead lives of quiet desperation.”
You can be surrounded by a lot of people who you know, including family members, yet still feel very lonely and like you are all alone in this world . You can feel as if no one truly loves you or cares “FOR” you. Caring “FOR” someone differs from simply caring “about” someone.
I can still recall being a 10 year-old boy and hearing a radio talk-show host frequently saying “If I rang a bell, and people could suddenly and magically totally change their lives, millions would be killed in the rush.”
I am not claiming that this letter speaks for most people. But I do claim that it speaks for a sizable minority.
P.S. I am a new volunteer for/with an organization called “The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network” which is also known as “RAINN.” Th3 National Volunteer Coordinator has asked me to focus my efforts on “Legislative Advocacy.”

Stewart B Epstein