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Healthcare Innovation Center opens at BMC

The new center aims to change healthcare through 'innovative, high-tech' initiatives

A rendering of the augmented reality application that aims to improve telehealth care

A Healthcare Innovation Center has opened at Bayonne Medical Center, according to CarePoint Health, current operator of the facility.

The new center at Bayonne Medical Center will focused on bringing together clinicians and leaders outside the medical field to collaborate and “redesign” healthcare. Aiming to solve healthcare problems, the Innovation Center will partner with vendors, investors, startups, and other visionaries to apply clinical expertise while testing new applications, approaches, and concepts aimed designed to improve the patient experience.

“CarePoint is dedicated to promoting a healthy exchange of information and technology transfer in order to contribute to the greater good of the global healthcare community and to realize a fully connected health future for patients,” said CEO of CarePoint Health Dr. Achintya Moulick.

Augmented reality

A goal of the center is to explore the role of digital devices and the internet in healthcare settings and expand usage in home healthcare settings. To showcase this, CarePoint partnered with Aetho’s Beame solution, an augmented reality (AR) telepresence platform.

The platform allows users to enter meetings as full body avatars to engage with virtual 2D and 3D content overlaid in the real-world environment. By collaborating with Beame, the Innovation Center at Bayonne Medical looks to elevate telehealth, surgical training, medical device evaluations, and second opinions.

‘Early adopter of new tech’

According to Moulick, these collaborations will allow the hospital to be an early adopter of technology and enable its clinicians to shape the experience and use of technologies for the benefit of patients.

The current healthcare technology ecosystem is overly complex for patients and providers, creating gaps in care for patients, according to Moulick. The Innovation Center will address this problem through multiple approaches, while seeking innovations that tackle hospital related inefficiencies.

Moulick said that the pandemic is proof enough of the need for such programs: “Out of major health crises in the past, we have seen major innovation in the medical field and society. We will see a similar push following COVID-19, and Innovation Centers like this will be vital.”

Initiating innovation

Moulick said the center will initiate a creative, collaborative, and ongoing dialog within a hospital setting for staff members to voice their innovative ideas and concepts.

It will partner with new patient-centered startups, investors, and firms that address immediate patient health and social needs. The center also plans to provide tools and intellectual support to doctors outside major academic centers, to engage in biomedical and structural research.

For more information, email innovation@CarePointHealth.org.

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