Protect & Serve Personified


Dear Editor:

I want to publicly thank BPD Officer Will Gardner for personifying the phrase “Protect and Serve”. Officer Gardner rescued my dog Ginger after she ran away from two attacking dogs. Yes. this fine young man had the decency and compassion to chase after my dog and save her from possibly being lost or killed by a car.

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On the morning of June 6th I was walking my two collared and leashed dogs on the path in Stephen R. Gregg Park when they were suddenly, without warning or provocation, attacked by two other dogs who had escaped their owner. As I bent over to pick up my dogs to save them from the two vicious dogs Ginger slipped out of my grasp and ran across Kennedy Boulevard right past Officer Gardner’s patrol car. Without hesitation, Officer Gardner took off after Ginger. I, being a senior citizen and carrying Lexi, trailed far behind. Officer Gardner caught Ginger a block and a half away and held her until I arrived. Thank you, Sir !

In my opinion, if Officer William Gardner performed his sworn duty to protect a dog I can emphatically say that he would do the same for any human. Officer Gardner is a fine example of a police officer. His fellow officers and his superiors should be proud of him and the performance he displayed. I am proud of him and of the Bayonne Police Department in general. Keep up the good work protecting my city and its people. Thank you !

John Dechiaro