Bayonne Letters

Thank you to the Bayonne Medical Center and Migliaccio Funeral Home

To the Editor: The Perrucci family would like to express our deepest gratitude to the nurses and PCPs in 3R and the Intensive Care Unit...

The North Street Plan

To the Editor: In the August 23 article, “Let The Sun Shine In,” it was incorrectly reported that the development planned for the vacant lot...

God bless the fire fighters, police, and EMTs

To the Editor: Thank god for the Bayonne Fire Department, Police Department and EMTs. When I was removing an old air conditioner, it gave out...

Come together

To the Editor: Time passes quickly. Near the end of the school year, the BBOED meetings were “packed” with teachers, parents, citizens, and some students....

Let the statues stand

To the Editor: The Confederate statues in Washington should not be removed. They are a part of American history. What happened to forgiveness? On June...

The Tear Drop

On September 11th, 2001, a Tear dropped from my eyes,As I watched as the Twin Towers fall down from the sky,The tear went down...

Problems Bayonne is facing

To the Editor: Bayonne is facing many problems which have mounted over the years. First of all, the development of the east side has long...

Say no to “a done deal”

To the Editor: I am writing this to share my frustrations with the city council and how they keep issuing abatements like they are parking...

Ray Greaves will be an asset to the Davis administration

To the Editor: As a Bayonne resident, I have a keen interest in the governance of our city. Moreover, having been an official in...

Senior community in Bayonne?

To the Editor: Residents of Bayonne have been watching a large number of buildings going up with more planned to be built. Some of us...
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