West NY Letters

A lovely lost

Dear Editor: Words cannot conveyHow simply beautiful you were in every wayMiss you, Mother; wish you were still here a generous lady, so sweet and...

What does a con artist do once he becomes president?

Dear Editor: A recap of the Trump era so far: Donald Trump has accomplished nearly nothing in part because he has a new enthusiasm every...

Stop Worker Abuse in Hudson County

Dear Editor: Throughout our state, wealthy developers are taking advantage of lax labor law enforcement and outdated regulations to increase profit margins by abusing workers,...

Give Bob Hugin a chance

Dear Editor: As a registered Democrat, there are few times where I agree with my Republican friends on issues. But I am intrigued by...

This is not the Hudson County we know and love

Dear Editor: For decades, Hudson County has been a welcoming community and bastion of democratic values. But on Thursday, July 12, we were betrayed when...

Fire deaths on the rise in NJ: eight child victims since January

Dear Editor: How many more families will have to suffer the loss of loved ones due to fire? Tragically, 37 lives have been lost since January,...

The mysteries of botany

Dear Editor: IN SEASON Through tiniest stem the cherry growsAnd makes a little hard pitHow it does that, nobody knowsBut they are studying it. T. Weed

Tread Lightly: Worn Tires Put Drivers at Risk

Dear Editor: Afternoon downpours could spell disaster for millions of road trippers this summer, thanks to an unlikely suspect – tires. New research from AAA...

The case for legalizing pot

Dear Editor: Marijuana should be legalized throughout the entire United States. The legalization of marijuana will benefit society in several ways. First, by taxing...

Marijuana laws are burning

Dear Editor: Everywhere I go, I smell burning cannabis and with each passing day, we continue to abide by outdated, draconian laws for a substance...
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