LEARNING OUTSIDE --- Ms. Rovatsos’ 4th grade class at Mary J. Donohoe enjoys a day outside performing their weathering and erosion relay race!

VERY BUSY SPIDERS (Midtown Community School)

VERY BUSY SPIDERS --- Midtown Community School AM Preschool children learned all about spiders by creating a web. They read, “The Very Busy Spider”...

RHYTHM STICKS (Midtown Community School)

RHYTHM STICKS --- Children from Mrs. Lomuscio's second grade follow Tabby Tempo's lead and enjoy rhythm sticks activities in Mr. Squitieri's General Music class...

APPLE ORCHARD (Midtown Community School)

APPLE ORCHARD --- Ms. O’Brien's kindergarteners in Midtown Community School enjoyed the opening of their apple orchard as they work on Math and literacy...

HAVING A SUPER YEAR (Midtown Community School)

HAVING A SUPER YEAR --- Mrs. Norton's Pre-K classes at Midtown Community School are having a super year! They are making friends and exploring...

FEATURED CLASS (Midtown Community School)

FEATURED CLASS --- Ms. Shinnick's third grade class at Midtown Community School was our featured class of the week this week! Since this week...

APPLE PROJECT (Midtown Community School)

APPLE PROJECT --- Students in Mrs. Haber’s 2nd grade class at Midtown Community School observed, measured, and collected data from their apples. They enjoyed...

STUDENT OF THE MONTH (Midtown Community School)

STUDENT OF THE MONTH --- Gouis Eissa is the Superhero Student of the Month in Mrs. Graham’s Kindergarten Class at Midtown Community School. Way...

ALL ABOUT ME (Midtown Community School)

ALL ABOUT ME --- Mrs. Bilotta’s first grade class at Midtown Community School are so excited to share their summer homework “All about me”...

BALLOON CAR (Midtown Community School)

BALLOON CAR --- Students in Mrs. DiPasquale's 8th Grade Science Class at Midtown Community School learned about Newton's Laws and engineering by participating in...
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