Ashley Madison Reviews: Is Ashley Madison Legit (2024)?

ashley madison review

Life is too short to spend a few minutes reading Ashley Madison reviews online, but it’s also too short not to read this one in particular. Why?

Well, this controversial website is designed for finding an affair, and getting away with it. It can connect you with an affair partner while offering advanced privacy features and absolute discretion.

Is Ashley Madison legit in 2024? How does Ashley Madison work?

Is it free to create a profile on this adult dating site? Most importantly, is Ashley Madison worth it?

This Ashley Madison review is going to answer all of these questions and more.

For now, you need to know that women can use this dating site free of charge with all of its features.

So, if you’re a woman, you can head to Ashley Madison right now, and if you’re a guy, rest assured that you’ll find plenty of women there.

This is not all that this adult dating site has to offer, so keep reading to learn more.

Ashley Madison Review: First Glance


  • 70 million active users
  • Entirely free for women
  • Available worldwide
  • Advanced privacy features
  • Discreet billing
  • No ads


  • A bit pricey for men
  • Confusing credit system


  • $59/month (Basic Plan – 100 Credits)
  • $169/month (Standard Plan – 500 Credits)
  • $289/month (Elite Plan – 1000 Credits)

Special Deals

Women can use the Ashley Madison app for free with all the features. When men purchase a membership plan, they can use messages for free for 30 days without spending their credits.

Overall rating

4.8 out of 5

ashley madison dating app

There’s a lot that this adult dating site has going for it, starting from the number of Ashley Madison members. In fact, 70 million people are looking for discreet affairs on this online dating site right now.

This might be because it is free for women, which leads to a balanced gender ratio. So, you can expect an approximately equal number of men and women among Ashley Madison members.

What sets it apart from other online dating sites are the advanced privacy features such as private albums, and the panic button, but also discreet billing.

Ashley Madison app is available worldwide as a website and an app, and there are no boring ads on either of these.

However, this app can get pricey for men, since they need to purchase Ashley Madison membership and use the confusing credit system. Still, many claim that the price was worth it and that the credit system just takes some getting used to.

We are going to take two points off for these reasons anyway, so the overall rating of this online dating site is 4.8 out of 5.

Ashley Madison Review: Quick Overview

The popular Ashley Madison app is very transparent about its purpose. Published in 2001, it was the first-ever dating site for discreet affairs.

The names Ashley and Madison were the most popular name for kids at the time, so it is how this notorious dating site got its name.

ashley madison statusTo this day, it has 70 million members looking for extramarital affairs, men and women equally. However, some of these members are singles looking to hook up with married people or married couples looking to hook up with singles.

Even though Ashley Madison is an affair dating site, people can still use it for any type of casual hookup, and some of them do.

Since it is free for women, ladies seem to like it. Both genders appreciate the advanced privacy features and discretion that this dating site provides.

For men, getting Ashley Madison premium can be confusing, but that is why these Ashley Madison reviews are there for. Keep reading to learn more about how to make the most of this website and what it is all about.

What Can You Do For Free On Ashley Madison?

As you already learned, women are privileged on the Ashley Madison app, so they don’t pay for anything. If you’re a woman, you can create a profile and send unlimited messages free of charge.

AM is and always will be entirely free for the ladies with all of its features, which brings a lot of women to this website.

Don’t worry, because there are some things that men can do for free on Ashley Madison too! If you’re a guy, you can create the profile for free, as well as browse matches and send winks and likes.

In addition, you will see who likes you, but if you want to message users, you will need to purchase credits.

How Much Does Ashley Madison Cost?

Sure, this app is free for women, but how much will Ashley Madison cost you if you’re a guy? What do you even get for the price?

Well, let’s take a look.

Basic Plan

If you subscribe to the Basic Plan you will have 100 credits, and it will cost you $59. The cost per credit gets lower when you choose the Classic or Elite plan.

Classic Plan

This subscription gives you 500 credits for $169, which means that the cost is $0.34 per credit. This is the most popular plan, but the Elite Plan costs less per credit.

Elite Plan

Choose the Elite Plan to get 1000 credits for $289, which means that it will cost you $0.29 per credit.

You can pay with a credit card, have a check delivered by mail, or use your PayPal account.

Don’t forget that you also get Message Plus when you purchase a membership, and this means that you can use messages for free for 30 days regardless of your credits!

Sounds great, but how does the credit system on Ashley Madison work?

While men can register for free on Ashley Madison, they need to use credits to use messages. So, every time you open a message or message a user you will pay 5 credits.

The price of the rest of the messages will depend on the time spent chatting with the same user. For instance, when you talk to a user for 2 hours you will pay 30 credits, but when you talk to them for 3 hours you will pay 20 credits instead.

You can use credits for other features, such as virtual gifts. Sending virtual gifts can cost anywhere from 20 to 50 credits.

As you can see, you will need a lot of credits, so if you’re serious about using your Ashley Madison account, it’s worth investing in the Classic or Elite plan. How to create that account though?

Let’s find out.

How To Create A Profile On Ashley Madison?

Signing up on this site is free for both men and women!

ashley madison registerCreating an Ashley Madison profile is as simple as signing up on all other online dating sites. The website has a very nice design and interface, it is user-friendly and simple to use.

When you go to AM to create a profile you will see the big red button that says “See my matches”, but first you’ll need to enter some information about yourself.

You will need to select your relationship status and what it is that you’re looking for.

The options are:

  • Attached male seeking females
  • Attached female seeking males
  • Single male seeking females
  • Single female seeking males
  • Male seeking males
  • Female seeking females

As you can see, Ashley Madison also welcomes the LBGTQ+ community and single people. So, if you thought that this site is only for straight married people, that is not true.

Next up, you will choose a username and password and type in basic information about yourself. Most importantly, you will need to specify what you are looking for and hoping to find on Ashley Madison.

The options are:

  • Something short term
  • Something long term
  • Cyber affair/erotic chat
  • Whatever excites me
  • Anything goes
  • Undecided

You will also be asked for a disguised photo of yourself. You’re encouraged to take this literally and wear a face mask, but it also means that your photo will be blurred, and you can choose to have a private photo album.

Finally, you will have an Ashley Madison profile and see other users in your area who are looking to hook up. You can use the filter options to find people in a certain age group or a specific body type.

Let’s dig deeper into what each of the features provides to the users of this popular affair site.

Ashley Madison Review: Top Features

Some features really set Ashley Madison apart from the rest of dating sites on the market. Here are some options that you have once you’ve made your Ashley Madison account:

Private photo albums

Your profile photo can be blurred, but you can also have a private photo album. You can share it with those who share their private photos with you first or with specific members that you choose.

Private photos help you stay anonymous, but you can also make your photos public. If you want your affair to stay a secret though, it’s better to only have private photos and a blurred profile photo.

App Disguise

Another interesting privacy feature is the app disguise. This means that you can change the icon of the Ashley Madison mobile app to look like a simple game or fitness icon.

Ashley Madison mobile app also gives you the Panic button, which safely redirects you to an ordinary page online.

Other privacy features

Ashley Madison works because it helps you keep your secret. So, it provides more privacy features such as “Hide my account” which makes your account disappear from searches without losing your information.

This site also advises you to always use the Incognito feature during online dating. In addition, you can learn a lot about cheating, and getting away with it, on the site’s useful blog.

Discreet billing

You won’t see the name Ashley Madison on any of your bills when paying for this site’s services. Your bill will say that it is from “AMDA” followed by a series of numbers.

Priority Man

Want more Ashley Madison users to see your profile? Boost it by using the Priority Man feature.

AM priority manThis feature will only cost you $99 cents per day, and it will give you more matches. All the Ashley Madison reviews claim that using Priority Man will get you noticed by more women, and you are likely to get more messages.

Priority Mail

Similarly to the Priority Man, there is a Priority Mail feature. This means that your message will show up first in the user’s inbox.

If you want to be at the top when you send messages to Ashley Madison users, use this feature, and it will increase your chances of getting responses.

Filter options

Finally, there are filter options that let you easily find exactly the kind of person that you’re looking for.

Ashleymadison privateObviously, you can filter users based on age and location. However, you can also filter them based on what they’re looking for, their relationship status, body type, height, weight, or ethnicity.

The “Viewed Me” section

You will also get to see who recently visited your profile thanks to the “Viewed Me” section, which is easily accessible from your profile. This will give you an opportunity to initiate a conversation with users that already might be interested in connecting with you.

Video chat

Naturally, this site offers a video chat feature, and if you’re a man you will be charged based on time spent video chatting. If you’re a woman, you can use the video chat for free like all the features on this popular affair site.

Message Plus

Let’s not forget that once you purchase a membership plan you also activate Message Plus. This means that you will be able to use messages for free for 30 days.

You don’t need to spend your credits during this time, and they will wait for you after the 30 days have passed. Of course, this only applies if you’re a man because you can always use messages for free if you’re a woman.

Best Ashley Madison Alternatives: How Does AM Compare to Other Dating Sites?

If Ashley Madison reviews didn’t convince you to try this infamous affair site, there are dating sites that you could try instead.

These dating sites don’t beat Ashley Madison when it comes to affairs, but they are popular hookup sites that people sometimes use for affairs too.

1. Adult Friend Finder – Great for Couples


  • 80 million open-minded users
  • Welcomes all kinks and fetishes
  • Open to couples
  • Live webcam models
  • Adult chat rooms


  • You must subscribe to use it
  • No advanced privacy features


  • $24.95/month (1-month subscription)
  • $19.95/month (6-month subscription)
  • $14.95/month (12-month subscription)

Start online dating on Adult Friend Finder, the top alternative that all Ashley Madison reviews recommend.

This is the home of 80 million open-minded strangers who are looking to hook up and explore their fantasies. Anything goes on AFF, from BDSM to any other kinks and fetishes, including threesomes and swinging.

So, it is also a perfect place for married couples who are looking to add a third person to join them in bed.

Hey, maybe you don’t have to cheat if your partner agrees to try this popular app with you.

Read a full AdultFriendFinder Review here.

AFF also offers live webcam models and adult chat rooms. This means that you can use it for cybersex and sex chat if you’re unsure about taking it further with someone new.

While you can register for free, you will need to subscribe to properly use the app. It has no advanced privacy features, so you will need to be careful when using it for affairs.

Still, this site is a great alternative to Ashley Madison with a lot of users, some of which are married people looking for affairs.

Most importantly, there’s no judgment in this large, open-minded community that’s willing to explore your sexual fantasies with you.

Click here to join AFF now and find a kinky friend!

2. Secret Benefits – Discreet as Can Be


  • Free for women
  • Advanced privacy features
  • Discreet billing
  • Only available in the USA
  • Often used for sugar dating
  • On the market since 2016


  • A bit pricey subscription for men
  • Similar confusing credit system
  • Only around a million users


  • $59 – 100 credits
  • $169 – 500 credits
  • $289 – 1000 credits

Ashley Madison reviews also recommend Secret Benefits as a good alternative to the popular affair site.

Although Secret Benefits has over a million users, which is a small user base compared to AM and other sites, these are all users from the USA.

This site is very similar to Ashley Madison, and it even has a similar pricing system with a confusing credit system.

What’s great about it is that it pretty much offers the same advanced privacy features and discreet billing. So, you will get to use private albums, the Hide My Profile feature, and more.

This site has been on the market since 2016 and is often used for sugar dating. That’s the “benefit” that they’re referring to, but a lot of people also use this site for extramarital affairs.

Since it’s so similar to Ashley Madison, it’s easy to get used to it and switch to it instead.

Most importantly, Secret Benefits is also entirely free for women, so if you’re a woman looking for married men, head there now. Read the full Secret Benefits review or

Join Secret Benefits and have an affair!

3. – Great for Luxury Dating


  • 40 million users
  • Free registration
  • Open-minded community
  • Available worldwide
  • Strict verification system
  • Discreet luxury dating


  • Must subscribe to use important features
  • Subscription is a bit pricey


  • $90/month (1-month subscription)
  • $80/month (3-month subscription)
  • $70/month (6-month subscription)

Seeking is another great alternative, with 40 million users from around the globe. This site is used for all types of relationships and hookups, including discreet affairs and luxury dating.

Many wealthy married men seek younger beautiful women on, but there are also other types of users. It’s an open-minded community that welcomes all arrangements.

Although you can register for free, you will need to subscribe to use important features such as messages. The subscription is pricey, but there’s no confusing credit system, so this site might be easier to use than Ashley Madison.

What makes different from other similar sites is the strict verification system. Thanks to ID verification and background checks, actively removes fake profiles.

It has been known as SeekingArrangement, but ever since it rebranded as and opened its doors to all types of relationships, it got even more popular. It’s now known as one of the best luxury dating sites around.

Now, there are over 40 million users waiting for you on one of the top sites for dating online in 2024. Yes, you can even use it to have a discreet affair or find a partner for a threesome!

Join and arrange an affair!

Ashley Madison Reviews from Reddit

If you didn’t realize yet, Reddit is always a good place to check if a dating app is legit. Plenty of people on Reddit and SiteJabber who have used Ashley Madison, have the following to say.

ashmad review ashley madison reviews

As you can see, it looks like some people have had plenty of good experiences here. Yet as much as there are raving reviews on AshleyMadison, there’s also some negative ones.ashley madison reviewed

While it’s true, there are some people who will not answer you and even fake profiles on AM, it’s up to your good judgment to see who’s real and which ones are just bots. Someone who doesn’t answer you might simply not be interested. Don’t fret about it and move on to the next.

Ashley Madison Review: FAQs

Dating, internet site, matches… It can get confusing, but let us help with the answers to some of the most common questions about online dating on Ashley Madison.

How do I know if my husband is on Ashley Madison?

You can know if your husband is on Ashley Madison by creating a free account on this popular site. Keep in mind that a lot of users keep their photos private but if you actively use this website you could match with your husband and see his photos.

What’s the average user on Ashley Madison like?

The average user on Ashley Madison is a man or a woman looking for a discreet affair and most people are between 30 and 45 years old.

They are either married and looking to cheat, or single and looking to hook up with someone who is married.

Although there are other types of users on Ashley Madison, this is the average user.

What are the best Ashley Madison alternatives?

The best AM alternatives are AFF, Secret Benefits, and All of these sites can be used for extramarital affairs and casual hookups.

While AFF welcomes all kinks and fetishes including threesomes and swinging, Secret Benefits offers similar features to AM, and welcomes all types of relationships.

Is Ashley Madison legit?

Yes, Ashley Madison is a legit dating website for extramarital affairs, but it can also be used for casual hookups. It offers advanced privacy features and discreet billing.

What’s the gender ratio and average age on AshMad?

The gender ratio on Ashley Madison is balanced and the average age of users is between 30 to 45 years old. However, you can expect more men on most websites.

What is responsible for a large number of women on Ashley Madison is the fact that this site is entirely free for women.

Where is Ashley Madison most popular?

AM is most popular in the United States, with most of its 70 million users living somewhere in the States. However, it is available worldwide and is also popular in Canada, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and other countries.

Don’t forget that you need to enter a zip code when creating a profile on AM, and you can filter users based on location. So, you will only see users in your area.

Do you have to be married to use Ashley Madison?

No, single people use AM too, so you don’t need to be married to use this popular affair site. However, most people use it to find discreet affairs.

Don’t forget that you can select your relationship status and what it is that you’re looking for. So you can indicate that you are single or that you’re looking for something short-term.

Is Ashley Madison free?

Yes, AM is entirely free for women, while men can create a profile and browse matches for free. However, men will need to use credits to message women.

Is it worth it? Many agree that it is, since a lot of hookups happen thanks to this notorious website known for its advanced privacy features.

Ashley Madison Review: Final Verdict

In the end, should you use Ashley Madison this year?

That depends.

If you’re looking for the first and most popular website for extramarital affairs, look no further.

However, if you’re more interested in casual hookups, swinging, sugar dating, or other types of relationships check out the AM alternatives above.

Should you stick to AM instead?

ashleymadisonWell, how important to you are the privacy features such as private albums and icon disguise? Is it important to you that the other person knows that you are married and instantly agrees to cheating?

Hey, most people are there for that, and they are agreeing to cheat when they create a profile on AM.

So, this makes it easier to arrange discreet affairs on a website like AM.

We used this website and were happy with the results. In fact, a lot of users are active and responsive.

Although you can’t see a lot of pictures at first, most people will give you access after a few messages.

All in all, AM is a great place to find an affair partner. It’s not the best place for you if you’re looking for a life-long relationship, but if you just want to hook up without anyone finding out, you can do it here.

After all, life is short. Have an affair.

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