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Bayonne Development Plan Receives Planning Board Approval


Bayonne’s Planning Board supports an expanded development plan, increasing residential units and parking spaces and enhancing urban connectivity.

Key Takeaways
  • The project now includes 22 residential units and 24 parking spaces.
  • Near commuter parking and the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Station, enhancing connectivity.
  • Proceeds despite the smaller lot size, replacing an existing building with modern amenities.

Bayonne Development Plan Receives Planning Board Approval

A major development project that aims to revitalize a century-old building at the bustling corner of Meadow Street and 19th Street in Bayonne has recently garnered renewed support from the Bayonne Planning Board. The decision on January 9 marks a significant step forward in the city’s economic development efforts.

Expanded Scope and Benefits

Initially approved for 14 residential units and 18 off-street parking spaces, the project’s scope has been ambitiously expanded. It now boasts plans for 22 residential units and an increased parking provision, including 24 off-street spaces. This expansion is not just in numbers but also in amenities, with the project promising two electric vehicle (EV) stations, a designated loading and unloading area, and rooftop amenities for residents.

Strategic Location and Zoning Considerations

Strategically located near a commuter parking lot and merely a four-minute walk from the Hudson Bergen Light Rail Station, the development promises to enhance Bayonne’s connectivity. Planner Edward Emara highlighted the project’s proximity to essential services, noting it is within a 12-minute walk of the local shopping district, blending urban convenience with residential appeal.

Despite the project’s lot being smaller than zoning laws typically require — 6,700 square feet compared to the nearly 30,000 square feet standard for its building size — the development is set to proceed by replacing an existing structure. This approach allows for a more efficient use of space while addressing the city’s parking and transportation needs.

A Model for Future Development

The Bayonne Planning Board’s support for this amended development plan reflects the city’s commitment to thoughtful urban development and revitalization. By accommodating more residential units and enhancing parking and amenities, the project is poised to contribute positively to Bayonne’s landscape and its residents’ quality of life.

This development represents a forward-thinking approach to urban planning, emphasizing sustainability, connectivity, and community benefits. As Bayonne looks towards the future, projects like these are critical in shaping a city that meets the evolving needs of its residents while preserving its unique character.