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Bayonne’s WSMCS Unveils Enlightening 7-Week Literary Program

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WSMCS Grade 8 students participate in a 7-week “Literature to Life” program, fostering creative writing and storytelling skills.

Key Takeaways
  • William Shemin Midtown Community School students participated in a 7-week program under the Hudson County Arts in Education Program.
  • Led by teaching artist Farbeon Saucedo and ELA teachers, students explored various writing forms.
  • This unique educational journey fostered a deeper appreciation for literature among students.

Transforming Learning Through Storytelling

William Shemin Midtown Community School (WSMCS) students have recently concluded the 7-week literary adventure, a part of the “Literature to Life” program.

Spearheaded by Nancy Ruane, the Director of ELA at the Bayonne Board of Education, this initiative was made possible through a Hudson County Arts in Education Program (AiEP) grant.

The program aimed to immerse students in literature, fostering their understanding and appreciation of storytelling.

WSMCS Wednesdays for More Creativity

Throughout the program, every Wednesday was a day of anticipation for the 8th-grade students as they welcomed teaching artist Farbeon Saucedo.

Students explored various literary genres under his guidance, along with ELA teachers Jason DeAngelo and Angela Laszkow.

They participated in immersive literacy workshops focusing on creative writing, especially poetry. The program was aimed at improving their writing skills and deepening their appreciation for the nuances of storytelling.

Peak Performance: ‘The Giver’ Caps Literary Program

The “Literature to Life” program peaked with a solo performance of “The Giver,” acted by Aurea Tomeski, highlighting a major achievement of the event.

This presentation effectively demonstrated how literature could be animated, offering students a distinct viewpoint on storytelling.

Moreover, the students entered the spotlight, sharing their poetry with classmates and instructors, and they honored visitors from the AiEP and “Literature to Life” initiatives.

This further proved their development and the fresh confidence they gained in their literary skills.

WSMCS Students’ Lifelong Literary Journey

The experience garnered through the “Literature to Life” program extends far beyond the classroom walls for the students at WSMCS.

It has ignited a passion for reading and storytelling that promises to accompany them throughout their academic careers and beyond.

By exploring the depths of literature, they have discovered the power of words and the potential for creative expression.

This journey has enriched their academic lives and equipped them with a profound appreciation for the transformative power of literature.

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