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Hoboken Police Issue Warning on ‘Apple Picking’ Phone Thefts

The Hoboken Police Department is warning people about a rise in cellphone thefts, a crime known as “apple picking.” With more than 24 reports this year, it’s important to know how to keep your phone safe.

Key Takeaways
  • Cellphone thefts are increasing in Hoboken, with more than 24 reports this year.
  • Thefts often happen in crowded bars and restaurants where phones are left unattended.
  • Follow police tips to protect your phone and report thefts immediately.

Increase in Phone Thefts in Hoboken

Hoboken police have seen a big increase in cellphone thefts and pickpocketing. These crimes usually happen in crowded bars and restaurants. Thieves wait for moments when people leave their phones unattended or easy to grab.

We’ve seen a lot more cellphone thefts this year,” said a police spokesperson. “These crimes happen in places where people feel safe and may not be watching their belongings closely.

Tips from the Police to Keep Your Phone Safe

To help protect yourself from phone theft, the Hoboken Police Department suggests these tips:

  • Never Leave Your Phone Unattended: Always keep your phone where you can see it. Don’t leave it on tables or bars where it can be easily taken.
  • Keep Phones in Front Pockets: If you carry your phone in a pocket, use your front pocket instead of the back one. It’s harder for thieves to reach.
  • Secure Your Purses: When you’re sitting, keep your purse in front of you. Don’t hang it on the back of a chair or put it under the table.
  • Don’t Store Valuable Items in Phone Cases: Avoid keeping cash, credit cards, or personal IDs in your phone case. If your phone gets stolen, you’ll lose these items, too.

What to Do If Your Phone Gets Stolen

If your phone is stolen, act quickly! Contact the Hoboken Police Department to report the theft. Reporting quickly can help increase the chances of getting your phone back.

Reporting thefts immediately helps us track and possibly recover stolen items more effectively,” said an officer from the Hoboken PD.

If you have any information about recent thefts, contact Police Officer Daniel Grossi at the Hoboken Detective Bureau. You can email him at GrossiD@Hobokenpdnj.gov.

By staying alert and following these tips, you can lower the risk of having your phone stolen in Hoboken. Remember, being careful and acting quickly are your best defenses against “apple picking.”