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Hoboken Waterfront Walkway Closed After Sinkhole Incident

A sinkhole found on Hoboken’s waterfront walkway will be repaired, causing the walkway to close from Seventh to Ninth Streets for several weeks. Find out more about the situation, safety checks, and future plans for the area.

Key Takeaways
  • A sinkhole was found on the Hoboken waterfront walkway near Sinatra Drive.
  • Repairs will start on Tuesday, and the walkway from Seventh to Ninth Streets will be closed for several weeks.
  • Safety checks will also be done along the waterfront from First to 14th Streets.

City Officials Discover Sinkhole on Sinatra Drive

On Friday evening, a sinkhole appeared along the Hoboken waterfront walkway near Sinatra Drive. The hole covered a few parking spots, and city officials quickly took action.

According to the city’s statement, engineers promptly secured the affected area with the help of the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and Hoboken Police.

Councilman Phil Cohen said, “We’ve been looking at a lot of infrastructure issues on the waterfront, but this will be a new one. A look at the video suggested that the water had eroded the underpinning, but that’s just my naked eye.

Comprehensive Safety Checks and Precautions Underway

On Saturday morning, marine engineers and divers checked the area and the bulkhead to ensure the pier’s safety.

Councilman Cohen added, “They did not limit their search to just that area – the area we are at was searched, and uptown and downtown as well.” While the nearby road is safe for cars, people should avoid walking on the section of the walkway between Seventh and Ninth Streets while repairs are happening.

The city reassured everyone that the road next to the walkway is safe and fenced off, so people can still enjoy the waterfront.

Scheduled Repairs and Extended Safety Inspections

The repair work will start on Tuesday, and the walkway from Seventh to Ninth Streets will be closed for several weeks.

City spokesperson Marci Rubin said, “[Repairs] will begin Tuesday, and as a result, the waterfront walkway will be closed from Seventh to Ninth Streets until the repairs are complete. This is expected to take several weeks.”

To be extra careful, engineers will also check the bulkheads from First to 14th Streets to make sure everything is safe and strong. These checks will help prevent future problems and keep everyone safe.

Long-Term Infrastructure Plans for the Waterfront

The City of Hoboken remains committed to upgrading its infrastructure and waterfront areas.

The Sinatra Drive Redesign Project, currently in its final approval stages by the State of New Jersey, exemplifies this commitment.

The redesign will improve access and safety along the 0.7-mile waterfront corridor using green infrastructure and Vision Zero upgrades.

The final plan for the Sinatra Drive Redesign Project includes:

  • Repaving the road
  • A two-way protected bike path from Fourth Street to Sinatra Drive North
  • Safer pedestrian crossings
  • Planting 164 trees
  • Adding more parking near residential areas at both ends of the project

: Hoboken’s Commitment to Waterfront Safety

The City of Hoboken is taking decisive action to address the sinkhole and ensure the safety of its waterfront walkway.

As repairs begin and inspections continue, residents are urged to stay informed and cooperate with the city’s efforts.