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Hoboken City Hall Entrance Closure for 7-Month Restoration

Hoboken City Hall Restoration

Starting July 8, Hoboken City Hall will undergo a seven-month portico restoration and foundation waterproofing.

Key Takeaways
  • Hoboken City Hall’s front entrance will be closed for seven months starting July 8.
  • The second phase of restoration focuses on repointing and restoring original masonry.
  • Expect temporary parking changes near City Hall during the construction period.

Hoboken City Hall Restoration Project Set to Begin

The City of Hoboken is set to commence a construction project for the portico restoration and foundation waterproofing of Hoboken City Hall starting Monday, July 8.

This project marks the second phase of the restoration efforts and aims to preserve the building’s historical integrity while ensuring its structural stability.

Alternate City Hall Entrance During Restoration Work

As part of the construction, the front entrance of City Hall, located at 94 Washington Street, will be temporarily closed for approximately seven months.

During this period, Hoboken community members will need to use the Newark Street entrance between Washington Street and Bloomfield Street for all City Hall access.

This change is essential to facilitate the smooth progression of the restoration work and to ensure the safety of all visitors and staff.

Continuing Restoration to Preserve Hoboken City Hall

The current phase of the City Hall portico restoration builds on the work completed in 2020, which included stone patching, roofing tile replacement, and framing repairs.

The focus now shifts to repointing and restoring the original masonry for maintaining the building’s historic character.

The construction work is expected to last for about seven months, with the goal of enhancing the portico’s structural integrity and appearance.

Temporary Parking Changes Near City Hall for Restoration

Parking changes will be temporarily implemented on portions of First Street and Bloomfield Street adjacent to City Hall to accommodate the construction activities.

Residents and visitors should be aware of the “No Parking” signs that will be posted in these areas.

These adjustments are necessary to ensure that construction can proceed without obstructions and minimize potential disruptions to traffic flow.