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City Hall is getting a makeover

Council members Mira Prinz Arey and Rich Boggiano opposed the resolution.

The city's 126 year old municipal hall is being refurbished. Photo by Mark Koosau.

Jersey City’s municipal hall is being refurbished inside and out, and city officials have announced a 1-acre park in front to create open space and a sense of community.

In a City Council meeting on Dec. 14, after members argued back and forth on the resolution, it was passed with five council members voting for the renovation project while members Ward B Mira Prinz Arey and Ward C Rich Boggiano opposed the resolution.

“This is the most ridiculous resolution that has been presented to the city council in the last 20 years,” said Ward C council member Rich Boggiano.

The city issued a request for proposal (RFP) from a landscape consulting company, and received three proposals from ETM Associates, LLC. ($160,430), Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.($280,700) and Arterial + Langan ($659,420).

Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. was awarded the contract under the city’s resolution.

“For me, I believe this is a study, nothing is imminent, the front of City Hall can look a lot better, and the back of City Hall sure as hell can look a lot better,” said Ward D council member Yousef Saleh.

Mayor Steve Fulop and the Department of Infrastructure announced the plans to build a four sided perimeter park on Dec. 15, which includes plans to build out an unoccupied fourth floor space to add employee offices and conference rooms for the newly created Department of Infrastructure, according to the city’s press release.

“Any time of day, you will find people walking their dogs or socializing in front of City Hall, and this will be the latest addition to the dozens of new parks we’ve built and park improvements completed in recent years as part of our efforts to expand critical community amenities and further invest in residents’ health and wellness,” said Mayor Fulop. “At the same time, we are taking proactive steps to restore the inside of the 126-year-old building to increase efficiency for resident services and ensure City Hall can continue serving as a contributing asset for the City of Jersey City.

City hall has gone through the following renovations:

  • Repointing work strategically improving the historic exterior walls of the building to mitigate damage from stormwater.
  •  Restoration of the historic tile throughout the building.
  • Basement renovations to transform unused space into dozens of offices and conference rooms.
  • Electrical and fire suppression upgrades.
  • Build out of the fourth floor to add capacity for office and conference spaces.
  • Elevator upgrades with service extension to the fourth floor.

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