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Ban approved on vehicle coverings in public streets and parking lots

The ordinance will be enforced by the Parking Authority or Police Department

Vehicles with coverings on them are no longer permitted on public roads. Image via Google Maps.

North Bergen has banned covering vehicles on public streets and in public parking lots because the covers interfere with enforcing parking regulations.

Mayor Nicholas Sacco and the Board of Commissioners adopted an ordinance at the November 9 meeting after it was introduced in October.

The Parking Authority utilizes automated license plate reading technology to enforce its parking requirements.

The ordinance states that when a person covers their vehicle when it is parked on the public street or highway, or in public parking lots, the license plate becomes obstructed and inhibits the Parking Authority’s ability to enforce parking requirements.

The inability to effectively enforce parking regulations results in parking space being lost to those who follow the parking rules and regulations. According to the ordinance, the lack of ability to enforce parking regulations also inhibits effective and efficient street sweeping.

The ordinance states that when a vehicle is covered, the Parking Authority is limited in its ability to issue a summons. The ordinance says no vehicle parked on a public street, highway, or public parking lot within the township can be covered, partially or totally, with a car cover, motorcycle cover, or other similar protective cover.

Owners and leases of vehicles violating the ordinances now face a fine of $75 for each offense. For each summons written by Parking Authority enforcement officers where a fine would be collected by the township for a violation of the ordinance, the Parking Authority will collect 40 percent of the fine.

The ordinance will be enforced by the Parking Authority or Police Department.

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