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Faubourg’s Second Location Opens in Weehawken

Faubourg, a celebrated French brasserie in Montclair since 2019, is opening a second location in Weehawken by early summer, bringing its unique blend of traditional and modern French cuisine to Hudson County​ 

Key Takeaways
  • Building on Montclair’s success, Faubourg introduces its French culinary excellence to Weehawken with a seasonal menu and European-inspired ambiance​.
  • Collaborating with architect Craig Shillito ensures a modern brasserie-inspired space with unique dining areas and views of the Manhattan skyline​.
  • Leveraging their success in Montclair, where they won accolades for best restaurant, date spot, and cocktails, the team aims to replicate this success in Weehawken​​.

The Origins of Faubourg: Montclair Gem Makes Its Mark

Faubourg, a distinguished French brasserie in Montclair, opened its doors in 2019, creating a unique dining experience that combines traditional French culinary arts with a modern touch.

Founded by Dominique Paulin and Chef Olivier Muller, it won the hearts of Essex County locals with its elegant dining and cocktail offerings.

Located at 544 Bloomfield Avenue, the Montclair location prides itself on an indoor/outdoor setting, featuring a spacious outdoor bar and interiors adorned with faux greenery to enhance the dining atmosphere.

Seasonal French dishes, including tarte flambée and coq au vin, are among the highlights of its eclectic menu​.

Faubourg, Montclair’s Gem, Expands to Weehawken

Encouraged by their success in Montclair, Paulin and Muller are set to open a second Faubourg location in Weehawken by early summer, promising to bring their signature European-inspired ambiance to Hudson County.

The new location at 1100 Avenue at Port Imperial, designed in collaboration with architect Craig Shillito, aims to replicate the modern brasserie-inspired atmosphere of the original, with an open kitchen, grand bar, cocktail lounge, and outdoor patio seating that offers views of the Manhattan skyline​.

What Makes Faubourg Weehawken Special

The Weehawken outpost will closely mirror the Montclair location’s menu, offering a blend of traditional and modern French cuisine, along with a selection of craft cocktails, wines, and other beverages.

Diners can look forward to enjoying dinner seven nights a week, with plans to introduce weekday lunch and weekend brunch services. 

The restaurant layout is thoughtfully divided into three sections: an elongated main dining room, a cocktail lounge, and a private dining area that can accommodate up to 30 guests, ensuring an intimate and memorable dining experience for all visitors​​.

Located just a short distance from the Hudson River waterfront and conveniently near a ferry pier, Faubourg Weehawken is poised to become a new culinary destination for both locals and visitors.

A Culinary Experience Rooted in French Tradition

Paulin and Muller, alumni of the renowned chef Daniel Boulud, are celebrated for their ability to infuse classic French cuisine with inventive seasonal cooking.

The Montclair location has been lauded for its skillful and creative culinary offerings, and the Weehawken branch is expected to continue this tradition of excellence.

The restaurant’s foundation on wines, craft cocktails, and attentive service aims to provide a dining experience that is both refined and accessible​.

Faubourg Weehawken: New Go-To for French Cuisine

As Faubourg readies to welcome guests at its new Weehawken location, the establishment positions itself as a convenient culinary destination for Hoboken and Jersey City residents, thanks to its proximity to the Light Rail.

With its stunning location, thoughtfully designed spaces, and commitment to quality, Faubourg Weehawken is set to become a cornerstone of the Hudson County dining scene, inviting both new and returning patrons to experience the essence of French dining in a modern brasserie setting.

Stay tuned for more updates as we await the official opening date and get ready to embark on a gastronomic journey that promises to delight the senses.

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