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Stack Endorses Guy for HCDO Chair Amid Renewed North Bergen Feud

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State Senator Brian Stack supports Craig Guy for Hudson County Democratic Organization chair, citing the need for party unity and criticizing current chair Anthony Vainieri.

Key Takeaways
  • State Senator Brian Stack supports Craig Guy for HCDO chair, challenging the current leadership under Anthony Vainieri amid a deepening feud with North Bergen.
  • The dispute is centered on claims of disunity within the party and personal conflicts. Brian Stack has expressed criticism towards Anthony Vainieri’s way of leading the party and has also claimed to face harassment from Nick Sacco, the Mayor of North Bergen.
  • Already, this ongoing power struggle within the Democratic Party has raised concerns about its potential impact on future electoral outcomes, underscoring the critical need for party unity and effective leadership strategies.

Stack’s Endorsement & Impact on Hudson County

Brian Stack, the State Senator for District 33 and Mayor of Union City, who previously began his sixth term, has thrown his support behind Craig Guy, Hudson County Executive, for the chairmanship of the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO).

This decision is part of Stack’s ongoing disagreement with North Bergen and its political leadership.

Anthony Vainieri, the current HCDO Chair and a close ally of North Bergen Mayor Nick Sacco is at the forefront of this controversy – Vainieri also chaired the Board of Commissioners for the seventh consecutive term, representing North Bergen.

Elected as HCDO Chair in June 2022, Vainieri has played a key role in the county’s political landscape, focusing on party unity and electoral success.

Behind the Scenes of HCDO’s Power Struggle

Stack’s main criticism of Vainieri revolves around what he perceives as a failure to unify and strengthen the Democratic Party in Hudson County.

Stack accuses Vainieri of being an “embarrassment” and claims that his leadership has led to the party being torn apart rather than being united. He believes Craig Guy is the right person to bring HCDO together, especially in Jersey City.

Vainieri, on the other hand, stands by his record, spotlighting his dedication to key electoral showdowns, including the campaign to send Tammy Murphy to the U.S. Senate and ensuring the reelection of U.S. Rep. Rob Menendez and Hudson County Surrogate Tilo Rivas.

He goes as far as expressing disappointment over Stack’s support for a candidate from a town outside of his representation, suggesting it might not sit well with voters.

The dispute between Stack and Sacco is deep-rooted, with mutual accusations of undermining each other’s efforts. This battle is not just about leadership positions but also about representation, leadership style, and the future direction of the Democratic Party.

So, What Does It Mean for Hudson County?

This feud, especially considering the upcoming elections, is again an example of how important unity can be. The outcome could significantly impact the way people view the Democratic Party, which can further impact the outcomes of elections in Hudson County and statewide.

Stack’s allegations against North Bergen’s leadership, claiming they have targeted him personally and even threatened his safety, add intensity to the conflict. On the other hand, Sacco denies any wrongdoing and advocates for party unity.

Furthermore, Stack’s endorsement of Craig Guy for HCDO leadership has brought long-standing political disagreements to the forefront.

As everyone prepares for the primary elections, the focus is on this feud and what it means for local and wider political scenes.