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2024 NFL Quarterback Market: Trades, Drafts, and Free Agents

Explore the latest 2024 NFL quarterback market trends, including top draft picks, key free agents, and major trade movements.

Key Takeaways

  • Justin Fields is set to join the Atlanta Falcons, signaling a major shift in team dynamics​​.
  • Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, and J.T. Daniels are among the top quarterback prospects expected to make a significant impact in the NFL​​.
  • Key veterans like Joe Flacco and Ryan Tannehill are in the spotlight for potential moves, impacting team strategies for the season​​.

2024 NFL Quarterback Market 

The 2024 NFL quarterback market is shaping up to be an intriguing blend of trades, free agent movements, and emerging draft prospects. Here’s the latest developments and projections:

Key Free Agent Moves and Trade Rumors

  • Justin Fields is reportedly moving to the Atlanta Falcons from the Chicago Bears in exchange for second and fourth-round picks, a significant shift for both teams​​.
  • Kyler Murray is expected to continue with the Arizona Cardinals, who are eager to build around him after a successful season​​.
  • Russell Wilson might be on the move to the Pittsburgh Steelers with a potential three-year, $90 million deal after a speculated release by the Broncos​​​​.

Upcoming Draft Prospects

The 2024 NFL Draft has a range of exciting quarterback prospects, each bringing their unique strengths to the table:

  • Caleb Williams is garnering attention for his dynamic playstyle, reminiscent of Patrick Mahomes. He’s widely anticipated to be a top-five pick, with the Washington Commanders showing keen interest in drafting him​​​​.
  • Drake Maye is turning heads with his skill set, drawing comparisons to Trevor Lawrence. He’s a strong contender for an early pick, and the Chicago Bears are closely monitoring his progress​​​​.
  • J.T. Daniels is making waves with his abilities, often compared to Lamar Jackson. He’s projected to be a valuable addition to the New England Patriots​​​​.
  • Michael Penix Jr. stands out for his formidable arm strength and command in the pocket. He’s on the radar as a potential pick for the Denver Broncos​​​​.
  • Anthony Nix is known for his impressive athleticism and arm power, catching the eye of the New York Giants, who are expected to select him​​​​.

Veteran Backups and Free Agents

Several veteran quarterbacks are in the mix as potential backups or free agent picks:

  • Joe Flacco (Browns), after a career revival, might remain a viable veteran backup​​.
  • Ryan Tannehill (Titans) could possibly return to Miami, offering experience behind Tua Tagovailoa​​.
  • Jameis Winston (Saints) may reunite with Sean Payton in Denver as a potential stopgap starter​​.
  • Jacoby Brissett (Commanders) could join the Chicago Bears under Matt Eberflus​​.
  • Carson Wentz (Rams) might remain as a backup to Matthew Stafford or move to the Packers as a more experienced No. 2 behind Jordan Love​​.
  • Gardner Minshew (Colts) is a candidate for returning under coach Shane Steichen​​.
  • Marcus Mariota (Eagles) might seek a new club if the Eagles promote Tanner McKee in 2024​​.
  • Tyler Huntley (Ravens) could draw offers to compete for a starting position elsewhere​​.

As NFL teams get ready for the new season, the changes in quarterback choices will be really important for their plans and chances of doing well. With experienced players and exciting new talent coming in, the 2024 season is shaping up to be a thrilling time for both the fans and the teams.

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