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Alex Pereira Next Fight: UFC Champion on Injuries and Heavyweight Prospects

UFC light heavyweight champion Alex Pereira shares updates on his injuries and considers a heavyweight challenge, balancing competition with division responsibilities.

Key Takeaways
  • Alex Pereira, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, is currently dealing with two broken toes which prevent him from fighting in quick succession at UFC 300 and UFC 301.
  • Despite the setbacks, Pereira is open to a heavyweight bout against Interim Champion Tom Aspinall, but not at the expense of delaying defenses in his current division.
  • The champion prefers an earlier fight rather than waiting until the proposed date for UFC 305, hinting at a possible fight in New York City in November, closer to his home.

Injuries Delay Pereira’s Heavyweight Fight Plans

Alex Pereira, the reigning UFC light heavyweight champion, has recently discussed the physical challenges he’s facing following his latest victory.

After a knockout win over Jamahal Hill at UFC 300 on April 13, Pereira was called out for a heavyweight fight in the upcoming UFC 301.

However, he revealed that this plan is unlikely to materialize due to injuries—specifically two broken toes—one incurred before and the other during the Hill fight.

Pereira explained, “I was imagining the best-case scenario [when I called for a heavyweight fight at UFC 301], but I have two broken toes. Both feet are f—ed.” Despite the setbacks, he anticipates being medically cleared by early May.

Pereira Weighs Division Duties Against Heavyweight Dreams

Pereira’s interest in moving up to fight interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall stems from his desire to maintain career activity without holding up the light heavyweight division.

He expressed a commitment to guarantee the division continues to operate efficiently, stating, “If it’s a longer period of time, I’d obviously rather defend my belt. If it takes too long and I fight at heavyweight and there are injuries, when am I going to defend my belt? I don’t want to hold up the division.

This consideration reflects his awareness of the potential complications his cross-division ambitions could cause.

Pereira Sets Preferences for Fight Timing and Venue

Pereira has specific preferences regarding his future fight schedule. He disagrees with the timing proposed by Magomed Ankalaev for UFC 305 in Abu Dhabi on October 26, expressing a desire to return to the octagon sooner.

Pereira mentioned, “I don’t want to fight at the end of the year. I want to fight sooner, so maybe that shows he won’t be ready. I don’t know why he said that.

Additionally, he speculated about the UFC’s pattern of organizing a November event in New York City, suggesting it would be ideal for him since it’s close to his residence in Danbury, Connecticut. “It makes total sense,” he stated. “Wait one more month and I’m fighting at home? It’s so much better.

Pereira remains committed to his career and responsibilities as a champion but wishes to balance his ambitions with practical considerations regarding his health and divisional obligations.

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