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Israel Adesanya Confirms Participation in UFC 300

Explore the latest updates on Israel Adesanya’s anticipated return at UFC 300 in 2024. Get insights on potential matchups, his willingness to co-headline, and the overall landscape of this milestone UFC event.

Key Takeaways
  • The middleweight champion expresses his eagerness to be a part of the milestone UFC 300 event.
  • UFC president Dana White faces difficulties in creating a captivating lineup, with Adesanya’s participation potentially boosting the event’s appeal.
  • Adesanya is open to co-headlining for certain fighters like Alexander Volkanovski and discusses possible future matchups.

Adesanya’s Statement on UFC 300 Participation

Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya has finally broken his silence regarding his future in the UFC, particularly his participation in the upcoming UFC 300 event. Adesanya, a significant name in the sport, expressed his eagerness to be a part of UFC 300. 

He stated, “I’ve watched UFC 100, that was Brock Lesnar versus Frank Mir. UFC 200, that was (Miesha Tate versus Amanda Nunes). I’ve been a fan of the sport for a long time. UFC 300, I’m going to touch that, because I know I’m not going to hit UFC 400. I’m definitely going to hit UFC 300. That’s one I’m going to be a part of”​​.

The Landscape of UFC 300

The UFC 300 event is shaping up to be a landmark occasion, marking a significant anniversary for the promotion. However, Dana White, the UFC president, has faced challenges in assembling a captivating card for the event. With notable fighters like Conor McGregor and Jon Jones unavailable due to various reasons, the pressure is on to deliver a blockbuster bout. Adesanya’s involvement could provide the star power needed for this milestone event​​.

Potential Matchups and Challenges

Adesanya’s return to the octagon is highly anticipated, especially after his defeat to Sean Strickland. He has shown interest in facing his long-term rival, Pereira, especially considering Pereira’s recent victory at UFC 295. However, Adesanya emphasized the importance of patience in his comeback, suggesting he would not rush into a rematch​​.

Willingness to Co-Headline

While Adesanya is a big enough name to headline UFC 300, he mentioned his willingness to co-headline the event for specific fighters. He named teammate and featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski and superstar Conor McGregor as potential co-headliners. “I’ll co-headline for Alex Volkanovski,” Adesanya said. “That’s my dog. If he doesn’t fight, then I’ll headline it. I’m sure there’s other people, as well – Conor (McGregor) will probably try and jump in there because he’s a superstar and he just gets whatever he wants. Yeah, we’ll see”​​.

Ultimately, Israel Adesanya’s presence at UFC 300 is not just a testament to his status as a premier fighter in the sport but also to his dedication as a long-time fan of the UFC. His participation in the event, whether as a headliner or co-headliner, is sure to add a significant draw to what promises to be a historic event in the world of mixed martial arts.