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Joel Embiid Comments on Knicks Fans Dominating Sixers’ Game 4

Joel Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers faced a challenging Game 4 at home, with a significant presence of Knicks fans overshadowing the supposed home-court advantage.

Joel Embiid expressed his frustration over the situation, while the Knicks capitalized on their strong offensive rebounding to secure a 3-1 series lead.

Key Takeaways
  • Knicks fans heavily influenced the atmosphere in the Sixers’ home, which led to a 3-1 series lead for the Knicks.
  • Joel Embiid highlighted the disappointment with the lack of home-court advantage and called the situation “disappointing.”
  • The Knicks’ aggressive rebounding and strong performances, including Jalen Brunson’s record-breaking game.

Embiid Critiques Knicks Fans’ Overwhelming Presence

There was an unexpected level of joy among Knicks fans at Wells Fargo Center, contrary to what’s usually expected after a Sixers’ playoff loss.

Joel Embiid, the Sixers’ star player, voiced his displeasure about the overwhelming presence of Knicks fans, stating, “It’s disappointing,” and expressed his irritation by mentioning, “It kind of pisses me off, especially because Philly is considered a sports town. They’ve always shown up and I don’t think that should happen. It’s not OK.”

Embiid’s frustrations stem from the Knicks fans’ loud support during New York’s key moments in the game. This is particularly troubling as this wasn’t the first time New York fans made their presence felt; similar scenarios unfolded during the Sixers’ regular-season losses to the Knicks.

Sixers’ Late-Game Execution Falters in Crucial Moments

During Game 4, the Sixers faced challenges not just from the fans but also in their gameplay, particularly in the crucial final moments.

Despite Joel Embiid’s efforts throughout the series, the Sixers went scoreless for almost the entire last five minutes of the fourth quarter, with Embiid managing only one foul shot.

This scoring drought coincided with head coach Nick Nurse’s decision to keep Embiid playing throughout the third and fourth quarters, totaling a season-high 44 minutes, yet struggling with shooting accuracy during the critical period.

Knicks Showcase Strategic Mastery and Rebounding Edge

The Knicks showcased why they were the NBA’s best at offensive rebounding during the regular season.

Their ability to consistently capture offensive boards, especially in the fourth quarter, significantly contributed to their victories.

Jalen Brunson’s exceptional performance, scoring a franchise playoff-record 47 points with 10 assists, highlighted the Knicks’ strategic depth, exploiting rotations and securing rebounds.

Embiid Eyes Strategic Adjustments for Game 5

Despite the setback, Embiid remains hopeful and strategic about the upcoming games. He emphasized the Sixers’ need to trust their gameplay and manage the pace better.

Looking ahead to Game 5 at Madison Square Garden, Embiid remarked on the lack of pressure and the focus on playing their best basketball, stressing the importance of taking it “one game at a time.”

Controversy Over Embiid’s Flagrant Foul

The spotlight also turned to a contentious moment from Game 3 where Embiid committed a flagrant foul by grabbing Knicks center Mitchell Robinson’s legs.

This act sparked debates across social media and among players, with Knicks guard Donte DiVincenzo labeling the play “dirty.”

However, Embiid’s teammate, Kelly Oubre Jr., came to his defense, arguing that the foul was merely part of the physical nature of the playoff series.

Oubre emphasized the need to focus on the game rather than the physical interactions, saying, “this ain’t WWE,” and urging players to stand by their actions and reactions on the court.

Embiid’s Health Concerns: Bell’s Palsy Diagnosis

In addition to the playoff pressures, Joel Embiid has been dealing with Bell’s palsy, affecting his facial muscles and vision.

Diagnosed before the play-in game against Miami, Embiid has faced challenges with his condition but remains committed to competing at the highest level.

Despite the physical difficulties, Embiid continues to perform exceptionally, as evidenced by his 50-point game in Game 3.

As the series progresses, the Sixers face a critical challenge to overcome both the Knicks’ on-court strategies and the overwhelming support for the Knicks, even in Philadelphia. This will set the stage for a dramatic continuation of what has been an enthralling playoff series.

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