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Yankees Sign Marcus Stroman to a $37M Two-Year Deal

Discover the latest on the Yankees’ pitching staff with Marcus Stroman’s 2-year, $37M contract. Get insights on roster changes, Stroman’s career highlights, and the Yankees’ strategic moves.

Key Takeaways
  • Signed a two-year deal with the Yankees worth $37 million, with an option for a third year.
  • Stroman’s addition is set to strengthen a rotation led by Cy Young winner Gerrit Cole, amidst uncertainties with other pitchers.
  • Known for his effective sinker, Stroman has a career ERA of 3.65, with a high ground ball rate since his MLB debut.

Stroman’s Signing on the Yankees’ Rotation

The New York Yankees have recently enhanced their pitching roster by signing Marcus Stroman to a two-year contract worth $37 million, with a potential extension for a third year. This move is part of the Yankees’ strategic approach to strengthen their team, following their pursuit of outfielder Juan Soto during the offseason.

Stroman’s Career and Performance

Stroman, aged 32, has an established career in Major League Baseball, beginning with the Toronto Blue Jays in 2014, then moving to the New York Mets (2019-2021), followed by a two-year period with the Chicago Cubs. In the first half of the 2023 season with the Cubs, Stroman earned All-Star status in the National League, posting an impressive 2.96 ERA, which was the fourth-best in the NL at that time. However, his performance in the second half was hindered by hip and rib injuries, limiting his appearances and affecting his overall ERA, which concluded at 3.95 for the season.

Despite these challenges, the Yankees saw value in Stroman’s skills to bolster their rotation. The team, led by American League Cy Young winner Gerrit Cole, faced some uncertainty with pitchers like Carlos Rodon, who struggled in the initial year of his contract. The Yankees’ rotation is anticipated to include Nestor Cortes and Clarke Schmidt as well.

Stroman’s Role in the Yankees’ Future Success

Stroman’s contract includes an $18 million option for the third year, conditional upon him pitching 140 innings in the 2025 season. This is a threshold he narrowly missed in the previous season but has exceeded several times in his career. Known for his effective sinker, Stroman has one of the highest ground ball rates among pitchers since his debut. His career record stands at 77 wins and 76 losses, with a commendable 3.65 ERA.

This acquisition by the Yankees demonstrates their continuous effort to build a competitive roster, making strategic choices in player signings. Stroman’s diverse experience and pitching style add a unique element to the Yankees’ pitching staff, poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming seasons​​​​.