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West New York plans fourth parking garage in town

The 67th Street Garage is planned in addition to facilities at 51st, 54th, and 57th Street

The surface parking lot off of Park Avenue between 66th Street and 67th Street. Image via Google Maps.

West New York is moving forward with plans for a fourth parking garage in town.

A mailer was sent out by the town in September touting the parking spaces that would be created by the garages. The town had already outlined plans for parking garages on existing parking lots at 51st Street, 54th Street, and 57th Street.

The 51st Street Parking Garage will be eight stories with 495 parking spaces at 51st Street to 52nd Street between Bergenline Avenue and Kennedy Avenue. The structure is expected to be fully completed by December of 2022, opening shortly thereafter in January of 2023.

The 57th Street Parking Garage will be three stories and provide 270 parking spaces at the surface lot between 57th Street to 58th Street behind the old Modell’s off of Bergenline Avenue. The town plans to break ground on this garage after the 51st Street garage is open to the public in January of 2023.

The 54th Street Parking Garage is still in the design phase, but will provide 235 parking spaces at the surface lot on the corner of Park Avenue and 54th Street. The town also announced that a new three-story parking garage at the surface lot between 66th Street to 67th Street and Park Avenue is in the design phase that will provide 270 parking spaces.

In total, the town will add 1,000 parking spaces, according to Mayor Gabriel Rodriguez. This includes not only the garages but other parking projects in town.

“Parking has been a challenge for many years in West New York and my administration has been committed to greatly increasing the number of available parking spaces by maximizing our existing spaces in creative new ways, partnering with private entities, and heavily investing in new parking infrastructure,” Rodriguez said in the mailer.

“I am thrilled to announce that when completed, our parking plan will have created over a thousand new parking spaces for residents and visitors of West New York!”

West New York also touted angled parking the town has completed and plans to implement. In December 2021, it completed the transition to angled parking on Broadway from 50th to 52nd Street.

The town is continuing to explore locations where it can transition existing parking into angled parking. West New York already has designs from Park Avenue from 62nd Street to 66th Street, Park Avenue from 52nd Street to 54th Street, Dewey Avenue from 62nd Street to 63rd Street, 60th Street from Broadway to Hudson Avenue, and Hudson Avenue from 50th Street to 59th Street.

The move comes as West New York was already implementing angled parking in town. It also followed calls for more angled parking at the August meeting of the Board of Commissioners by resident Frank Miqueli.

Miqueli is behind a petition seeking for more angled parking in town, also including Anthony Valdes, Anthony DeFino, Doeinne Auriemma, and Vipul Parekh. Both Auriemma and Parekh recently unsuccessfully ran for the school board, and Parekh is a frequent critic of the current administration at Board of Commissioners meetings.

West New York officials failed to respond to Hudson Reporter requests for comment on the matter.

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