'Beyond Strange and Mysterious' Secaucus resident produces show about all things weird, unfamiliar, or just plain out of the norm
by Dave Hoffman Current editor
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Halloween only comes once a year, so what is a fan of the paranormal to do for the rest of the time? Check out Beyond Strange and Mysterious, the paranormal show produced by Secaucus resident Bob O'Brien and hosted by Brent Foster and Don Taylor. It explores all things unexplainable or impossible to understand, using common wisdom.

Hosts Foster and Taylor have written three novels. They encountered O'Brien while promoting their second book, So Now You Know (Xlibris 2001).

"In May of 2002, we did a radio show called Teddy Smith in the morning on WNSW radio, and Bob O'Brien was the producer of that show. That's how we met him," said Foster. "We were on the air about 45 minutes, and after the interview, Bob took us out to breakfast and asked us if we ever thought about doing our own radio program."

O'Brien approached a number of radio shows and got the duo on the air at WSNR. Their first show was April 11, 2003.

"We talk about anything unexplained, and we focus on anything that has to do with horror movies, fantasy, and science fiction," Foster said. "We've done shows on Lord of the Rings, the Twilight Zone, and superhero mythology. We branch into those areas."

Lifelong interest

Foster and Taylor have been friends since sixth grade.

"We were huge Dungeons & Dragons freaks," said Foster. "We played for about 10 years, and were into Ravenloft. Everything Dona and I have seen on television, in movies and in Dungeons and Dragons, has influenced what we're doing now."

After high school, Foster went to Kean University with an English major and history minor, and Taylor went on to run his own vampire-themed games and rented out clubs for vampire theme parties.

Although Foster says he is a believer in all things paranormal, he does not pretend to be an expert in the truth of various phenomena.

"When it comes to something of paranormal origin, it's interesting to look at all different things about it," said Foster. "On our show, we have on experts all the time. What we do is present information to people and let people decide for themselves. We don't tell people what is real."

Foster himself hasn't had any direct brushes with the supernatural, but Taylor says he once saw a glowing orb on Riverview Drive in Totowa, also known as "Annie's Road" because a young child was killed by a car at that location and is buried in a nearby cemetery.

Last week, Beyond Strange and Mysterious had its Halloween extravaganza with a number of well-known authors. The show is on 620 WSNR, midnight Thursday to 1 a.m. Friday.

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