Tired of funding red states
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To The Editor:

I am getting tired of funding all the takers too. So here is what I propose. Let’s have New Jersey, this blue state of ours, stop sending 50 percent more dollars than it receives to red states like Kentucky, where national representatives, like Senator Rand Paul want to do away with our national social safety net, and for the most part, with the entire federal government. Senator Paul rants against federal spending, yet his state gets $1.51 in federal assistance for every dollar it sends to the federal government. That is a great deal, especially for Mr. Paul, who supports de-funding just about every federal program, food stamps, Head Start, public schools and so on. While we are at it, let’s get our neighbor, New York and the other so called bastions of liberal elitism, California, Massachusetts, Illinois et al, all with large urban populations, to stop sending their federal tax dollars as well. I am tired of my dollars supporting red states, and their representatives, who want to do away with the federal programs and subsidies that go to their constituencies way more than they go to ours. The red state blue state dichotomy is real and I am tired of funding the other side.


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