What happens next?
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To the Editor:

One question the taxpayers of Bayonne should be pondering: “what is the City of Bayonne going to do since the Port Authority has made its final balloon payment for the MOT last year?” The city still has a budget deficit of 30 some odd million to cover. The Port Authority had a change of heart and was gracious enough to agree to start paying the city a measly few million dollars a year for the MOT. People have to ask how the city will cover the budget deficit now since it lost a major revenue stream for the past few years to plug its budget. Property taxes will be going up again, no one knows when and how much, and of course any tax increase will be done after the elections so not to affect the status quo.

People keep telling me they can’t afford the taxes in Bayonne, they need to leave town, Broadway can’t be saved, there are no jobs here. People in this city need to wake up and make some changes otherwise it will keep going downhill.


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