Live by the golden rule
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Dear Editor:

Hoboken is a highly densely populated city of about 55,000 residents squeezed into a one mile square footprint. Residents live shoulder to shoulder, either vertically or adjacent and with that comes the responsibility of each one of us to consider how our actions impact the lives of our neighbors.

Case in point, noise! From our entertainment systems, to car alarms, to trying to walk lightly on the floors above our neighbors and for those lucky enough to have backyard access to be extra considerate of the noise you make on a late Friday or Saturday evening or your kids and dogs make early the next morning while in the backyards.

Remember back in school when we learned about the “Golden Rule” that essentially states either of the following: One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself or one should not treat others in ways that one would not like to be treated. This concept describes a "reciprocal", or "two-way", relationship between one's self and others that involves both sides equally, and in a mutual fashion.

How does this translate for us, simple—please be mindful of the impact of your actions. Whether you are entertaining late into the evening with friends in the backyard or as you let your children and or pets out to play early mornings especially on weekends now that the nice weather is here.

For those with pets, please don’t leave your dogs outside barking unattended. Stay with them and let them in once they finish their business. Or if you can’t wait or are too lazy, install a doggie door so your companion animal can safely come and go as they please. Otherwise their barking to get your attention gets the attention of your neighbors who are then subject the constant and annoying noise. May not be your intention to disrupt our sleep, but this is reality of dense urban living.

So in summary, please use discretion and consider the impact of your actions on others and as moms and dads have taught us, “treat others as you want to be treated.” Be considerate of your neighbors

Tired and irritated neighbor

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July 20, 2014
Ditto...You gotta love the folks who violate public park rules to play ball games at when there are dedicated recreational areas for the sport. Even when directed to the recreational area they disrespect the safety and access to the parks by having balls flying everywhere in the park including sidewalks.