Gay organization to protest at Secaucus Town Hall
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SECAUCUS -- Tuesday's Secaucus Town Council meeting could be unusually raucous, even in a town used to confrontational meetings.

Garden State Equality, a gay and lesbian rights organization in New Jersey, is promising to protest outside Secaucus Town Hall at 6 p.m. The protesters will then attend the 7 p.m. public Town Council meeting.

The group is angry about the possible reinstatement of three former firefighters who resigned from the Secaucus Volunteer Fire Department in August 2008.

As first reported in the Secaucus Reporter two weeks ago, two town attorneys are currently reviewing a written request by the members of the North End firehouse on Paterson Plank Road to reinstate the three.

Though criminal charges were never brought against them, the three men were implicated in alleged harassment against a gay couple who lived next door to the firehouse. The couple sued the town of Secaucus and won a judgement of $4.8 million in damages and legal fees.

After the civil trial ended, the firefighters chose to resign rather than face an

administrative hearing. -- E. Assata Wright

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January 26, 2010
At this point the issue should not be if they should be reinstated. It is now a new issue. Who the hell are these people to come into Secaucus and dictate to this town and its duly elected Council and Mayor as to who should serve on the towns’ volunteer fire department?

Stay in your gay community and let the people of Secaucus decide who will or should be fighting fires and saving lives in Secaucus. If the gay community of Secaucus has a problem then let them do the protesting within the chambers of this Council.

As the article states it is being held outside town hall. Why? It is because you are not allowed to speak inside chambers. Why? Because you are RABLE ROUSING OUTSIDERS!!!

On a personal note I would have to agree that it is not worth the unpopular commotion Mayor Mike. Just let it go. Keep the Duck Pond free of any and all ripples. Sometimes political expediency is a necessary evil in politics Mike.

In the end everyone must pay the price for his or her actions. As they say, “what goes around comes around.”

January 25, 2010
I don’t know why or who needed to bring this back up? But this should not have even been considered. Being that these men resigned and the circumstances surrounding their resignation there is no reason either legal or other to consider reinstating them.
January 25, 2010
As much as I hate to agree with a gay pride group, Mike would be NUTS to go out on this limb for his friends. Everything has its limits Mike. Use some common sense and let this thing die.