Great leaders

To the Editor:

Leaders are people who lead a group, but what makes a great leader is the ability to inspire. Great leaders work intrinsically which is why they consistently inspire those around them. Great leaders are special because they are born that way. Mr. Belton, the vice principal of Henry Harris, is a great leader.
As a new teacher, my head has been lifted by Mr. Belton from underwater on many occasions. This is due to the simple acts that he is not able to ignore. He never makes time an issue whenever I have questions. He always looks at the positivity of every single situation, no matter how dismal. I am always that much better after our conversations, more motivated and confident about my decisions. This is because he always speaks from the heart. Since he is someone who continuously remains inspired, it goes without saying that he speaks from an inspired heart. And when an inspired heart speaks, change is inevitably made.
It will be a tremendous loss once he is not a part of the school. It will not be easy knowing that we lost such a positive light. It is heartbreaking to witness injustices done to those who are undeserving of it. It is painful to know how helpless you are in certain situations, and the best and only thing you can do is share your voice. I do wish he wouldn’t leave. Leaders are important, but great leaders are needed. Henry Harris needs Mr. Belton.
One thing is for certain. Anyone who is about to have him in his or her life is incredibly lucky because he is about to inspire and change them for the better. Henry Harris is that much better because of him. Though my time in knowing him was short, it has been quite an honor.