Why teens with bikes should be in the street

Dear Editor:

My son was riding a bike, on the sidewalk today. Law abiding, though foolish, he knew that he could legally ride on the sidewalk going the wrong way down the street.

So when he rode into the crosswalk, in front of a stopped truck, he wasn’t breaking any laws. The truck should have seen him. But if he’d been in the street, riding the right direction, the truck would have seen him. (My son is fine–good reflexes. The bike is toast.)

Young children on small bikes need the sidewalk for safety. Older children, will inevitably ride faster than “walking pace”. That’s not safe for the cyclists, on Hoboken’s narrow, obstacle strewn sidewalks, even if there are no pedestrians in sight.

Parents do what they can–but having the law on our side would be a plus. But we need to keep older children on bikes off the sidewalk. I don’t have all the details of the bike ordinance under consideration, but that aspect has my wholehearted support, as a cyclist, pedestrian and mother of three.

Laura Keating