Council should take independent action on Katytn memorial

Dear Editor:

In the next couple of weeks, Jersey City’s council will be given an opportunity to either approve or reject an ordinance that approves the relocation of the Katyn Forest Massacre Memorial from its present location to the eastern terminus of York Street.
In this writer’s humble opinion, the council should wholeheartedly and unanimously reject this proposal during its second reading. That kind of legislative action will send a clear message to the city’s chief executive. Specifically, Jersey City’s municipal government is built upon a solid, enduring foundation of checks and balances. The city’s council is an independent governing body that represents the voice – and the will – of the constituents, and not the mercenary interests of DeMarco et. al.
Subsequent actions taken by the mayor reek with the contemptible stench of a clear conflict of interest. Suffice it to say, the mayor has abdicated his responsibility to execute his duties in a fair and impartial manner. Instead of attempting a true workable compromise with all concerned stakeholders, the mayor tried to force feed the citizenship – he tried to placate the people – with a clandestine backroom, self-serving fait accompli. So much for “his honor’s” campaign promises of open and transparent government.
The council needs to vigorously balk at the chance of being nothing more than the mayor’s “rubber stamp.” Instead, the council needs to exert itself and truly govern by example. The council should focus on allocating funds to repair Jersey City’s crumpling infrastructure, and not on spending $5 million to move the Katyn Monument to a yet-to-be-built park on York Street. The council should boldly and assertively challenge the mayor’s illusion – and, perhaps, delusion – that “he is the law;” that his will and pleasure supersede those of the people and the council of Jersey City. Rejecting Ordinance 18-057 during its second reading will clearly send that message.
The “old days” of “l’etat c’est moi” are over! The council should not allow itself to be politically swayed, coaxed, or coerced into transforming itself – prostituting itself – into being a defunct Soviet-style “politburo” to an egotistical, authoritarian chief executive.

Very respectfully yours,

John Di Genio