It’s a shame Jersey City cops can’t take off duty work

Dear Editor:

It is shameful and disgraceful that the Jersey City Finest, men and women of the Jersey City Police Department, are being banned from working off duty jobs in our city. For years the officers have worked these type of assignments and have provided extra protection to our residents.

True common sense and for a sense of protection of our community would indicate that the presence of a uniformed police officer, being compensated by a private entity for the off duty work is a public safety attribute to all who live and work in Jersey City. If all of the residents truly were aware of the benefit of the off duty work assignments there would be a massive rally in City Hall to request the mayor and City Council to grant permission for this protection of the public.

This writer views reports on a daily basis of the violent crimes in our neighborhoods affecting all from the very young to the most senior. What better way to assist in deterring these horrendous acts but to have the presence of additional police on our streets in the form of the off duty assignments.

This is a plea to our mayor and City Council for the immediate reinstatement of the ability for the JCPD to work off duty.

Robert B. Knapp