Unhealthy politics in New Jersey


Dear Editor:

Why would Gov. Murphy break his campaign promise of bringing clean-green energy to NJ and instead support the construction of a dirty, fracked gas power plant, in a North Bergen flood zone (on the border of Bergen County), 1 mile from another gas power plant, in a huge population center that already receives an “F” grade for pollution from the American Lung Association?

Perhaps Gov. Murphy has made a “deal with the devil.”
In return for North Bergen Mayor/State Senator Sacco’s hesitant support for Governor Murphy’s legalization of marijuana, Murphy has so far not interfered with the building of this power plant.

The proposed power plant is such a bad idea, New York state regulations would not allow it to be built in New York.
This power plant is to be built in New Jersey and all the electric energy it produces will be shipped to NY, which credible reports say doesn’t need the energy now, and won’t need it, even after the Indian Point atomic energy power plant in NY is shut down.

If North Bergen needs tax revenue so bad, it would stop handing out unneeded PILOT tax abatements to wealthy real estate developers in North Bergen, where demand for real estate-new construction is at a premium.

North Bergen claims the benefit of creating jobs outweighs the detrimental health effects this power plant will have on people, wildlife and the environment.
The power plant will create many construction jobs for a year or two (as would any construction project), then after it is built, it would provide very few permanent jobs (about 30.)

Residents of Bergen County and their municipal governments have woken up to this sham. NJ residents should breathe deep before it’s too late and stop the health menaces that want to build the North Bergen power plant.
Email Governor Murphy at: constituent.relations@nj.gov

Robert Walden