Nuisance on Wheels

Dear Editor:

As if horns, traffic, jackhammers, unmuffled motorcycles, and morons in cars with open windows playing “music” at full blast…, as if these sources of noise weren’t enough to drive the already half-crazed Hobokenite more fully nuts, we now have a cyclone-on-wheels called the Tennant Sidewalk Sweeper.
Before some junkmeister invented this machine, our sidewalks were kept clean with no more sound than a broom on concrete wielded by a shopkeeper. But now, when walking down Washington St., one hears from a block away a new, infernal racket,–Oh, God, it’s that…that…thing!, driven by a man, with a canvas bag inflated with air behind it like a huge balloon, and one turns down a side street onto Bloomfield to avoid it.
Worse yet, these nuisances cost many thousands of dollars, not to mention the pay of the man who drives it; and with our property taxes already the highest in the Milky Way,..Why!?

T. Weed