Why Education Matters on November 5

The Jersey City School Board Election on Nov. 5 is a crucial referendum on public education and funding for our schools. The Education Matters Team is committed to high quality education for every student in the Jersey City School System. They support the important payroll tax, which is key to sustained revenue for the schools. Their opponents, Change for Children, funded by developers, oppose the payroll tax and the revenue it will bring to the children.

The Education Matters team has restored sports programs which were cut under the administration of former Supt. Dr. Lyles. They have created a middle school vocational program. They inherited a $71 million deficit from the administration of Dr. Lyles and under the auspices of the state appointed monitor.

They have restored fiscal responsibility, upgraded school facilities and have a long- range plan to support students with limited English skills and students with disabilities.

They have a working relationship with acting Supt. of Schools Franklin Walker and support this distinguished educator for a permanent role as superintendent. Change for Children will turn back the clock and support Dr. Lyles’ return to the district. Mr. Walker has restored a sense of morale and decency to the position and has worked closely with teachers, teacher assistants, paras, custodians, security guards, food service workers and all district employees and has negotiated fair and equitable contracts. This is a breath of fresh air after years of animosity, chaos and uncertainty. Education Matters will keep the district moving forward for all children across the entire city.

The current board is striving to rehire teachers that were the victims of waste and inefficiency by the prior administration. The supporters of Change for Children are the same folks who created this fiscal cliff and did nothing about it. The same folks who created a policy to hire out of district personnel over long standing and effective employees of the district. The same folks who stood silent as teachers were laid off due to the budget. The same folks who wouldn’t return a call or act responsibly. It’s too important now to turn back the district to those who nearly brought it to bankruptcy

Teachers and district employees are now covered under negotiated contracts that brought significant health care relief. Contracts that for the first time in many years were negotiated in good faith and ON TIME!!

I urge all Jersey City residents to move forward with the Education Matters Team on November 5.

Please vote for 5D Sudhan Thomas, 6D Gerald Lyons, 7D Darwin Ona, 2E Gina Verdibello, 3E Lekendrick Shaw.

It’s time to move the district forward with Education Matters and continue the progress.

Perry Cecchini

Retired Teacher