Arrested? For this?

Dear Editor:

On this years pub crawl (Eight Arrested in Hoboken SantaCon, Hudson Reporter, Dec. 9), one of the arrested was Gaveric Bach, who was standing near City Hall smoking a joint. Two Hoboken police officers, smelling marijuana, attempted to put Mr. Bach under arrest. Bach resisted being handcuffed, and a struggle ensued, with officers and Bach rolling on the ground, and, later, Bach angrily kicking at doors and “spitting blood” at the police station.
Why was Bach arrested? He was not harming anyone. In several states “recreational marijuana” is legal, and Governor Murphy wants to do the same for New Jersey. Those cops could have just walked on by.
This violent arrest was unnecessary. If Mr. Bach is left harboring a deep resentment against Hoboken law enforcement, it is understandable.

T. Weed