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The school board, the budget, and our water


Dear Editor:

I saw Mayor Fulop’s video to the public explaining why he wants an appointed school board. Perhaps history is forgotten, but Jersey City had an appointed school which became corrupted with politics, the reason for the state takeover. But I do agree with the mayor about problems with the school board and perhaps, the mayor has inadvertently contributed to the problem when he advocated all elections should be in November.

The public is swamped with school, city, county, state and questions in November. The candidates aligned with the “money people” are the ones to get their message out. The candidates without those money resources could have a better chance of being elected if the public could focus only on the school election. So, I advocate the return of the school elections to its own slot without other elections. The public is overwhelmed by so many races in November.

I also want to address another issue Mayor Fulop made in his video – the budget. The mayor said he is willing to listen to the public about cuts to the budget, so thank you mayor, here are my suggestions: Cut or reduce the expense the city makes to outside contracts. By the time the council votes on the budget, many of those contractors have been paid. I believe some of the work provided by the contracts can be done by municipal employees.

My second suggestion is to have a plan to reduce the city’s bonding debt. There should be a five-year program on reducing our debt. I personally believe the city is over bonding on certain cost to have a reserve, I saw this with the City Hall annex where money from other bonds were transferred to City Hall annex project.

Lastly, please bring back the water department. Why should an outside source make a profit on our water? That profit should be given instead to ratepayers or added to the budget.

Yvonne Balcer

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