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The Rise Of Authoritarianism Is A Global Catastrophe


Dear Editor:

Liberals and The Left Believe They Are The Masters Of Their Own Destiny & That The Government Through Authoritarianism Is The Ultimate Utopian Solution.

But History Teaches Us That The Opposite Is True, & Why The Rise Of Authoritarianism Is A Global Catastrophe.
Reason Enough To Understand Why Liberals Hate The Past & Fear The Future, For The Dystopian Future Of A Society Is Bereft Of Reason Due To Fear Of The Non-Experiential Jump To Tomorrow.

History Teaches Us That Utopian Dreams Have Ultimately All Stagnated Into Dystopian Nightmares.

At present, the authoritarianism business is booming. According to the Human Rights Foundation’s research, the citizens of 94 countries suffer under non-democratic regimes, meaning that 3.97 billion people are currently controlled by tyrants, absolute monarchs, military juntas or competitive authoritarians. That’s 53 percent of the world’s population. Statistically, then, authoritarianism is one of the largest — if not the largest — challenges facing humanity.

And consider that free nations do not go to war with each other. History has shown this to be the only ironclad law of political theory. Meanwhile, dictators are always at war, often with a foreign power and always with their own people. If you are worried about public health, poverty or peace, your mandate is clear: Oppose tyranny.

As individuals living in a free society, let us continue to vigorously believe it is our moral obligation to take action to expose human rights violations and to use our freedom to help others achieve theirs.

John Amato

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