‘No’ to Drag Queen story hour in Jersey City

Dear Editor:

Jersey City has now finally been “woke,” which means perceived awareness of injustice at the downtown public library is a reality. The library now has Drag Queens story hour. In reality, this is an attempt to groom young children in sexual awareness, especially in same sex attraction.

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As a retired teacher who has taught in high school at the former New Jersey Boystown and public and Catholic grammar schools, I have seen the effects of sex abuse of minors. Minors are not interested in sex until they reach puberty, yet adults are interested in them. Sex abuse of children is very high in this country. According to various data 34 percent of children younger than twelve are sexually abused.

Abuse of children is more frequent due to alcohol and drug abuse in homes and a non-biological adult in the household.

The promotion of sexuality is also done by International Planned Parenthood which is pushing for the rights of children to engage in sex as a human right and the North American Man/Boy Love Association (NAMBLA) is a US advocacy organization pushing to abolish age of consent laws in this country.

Returning to the subject, I would like to know if the Jersey City Public Library has conducted backgrounds on these Drag Queens. Public libraries in Texas eventually changed its policies when it discovered the Drag Queens did not have background checks and some men were child predators with convictions of child abuse.

For those who think I am bigoted and not enlightened, what are you doing to protect children? For those who insist this is for the gay child who should be accepted: Why would any child not past puberty make such a statement? Please find out who has access to your child and if he was abused, predators con children about sex. Children are naturally embarrassed by sex because their bodies at that stage were not made that activity. It is nature’s way of protecting them.

To this day, I think about my former students who were victims of sex abuse. Some turn to destructive behavior to address their pain.

Yvonne Balcer

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