Forza Italia!

Dear Editor:

The Coronavirus pandemic has created unprecedented mass hysteria, unparalleled obsessive panic, and a unique unquenchable chaos. Fear and anxiety have replaced trust and tranquility. An apocalyptic derangement has put a choke hold on the nation. Armageddon-like hoarding has now become common, as is evidenced by the empty shelves in the supermarkets.

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The virus clearly shows the frailty of the American infrastructure. Established financial networks, enjoying a bull market about a month ago, have tumbled to all-time lows. Shortages of medical supplies and pharmaceuticals are rampant. Retailers are unable to meet the demand driven by sheer distress and outright fright.

Unfortunately, while society is struggling during these troubling times, partisan “politricks” continue. Each party trying to outdo the other. Each vying to gain an advantage, an upper hand, as the nation heads toward the election in November.

At this point, as the feeling of haplessness and helplessness permeates throughout the country, perhaps we should look toward Italy for inspiration.

There are over 41,000 Coronavirus cases in Italy; the virus has claimed over 3,400 souls. Regrettably, Italy has overtaken the death toll in China. However, in the midst of this pandemic, Italy refuses to roll over and play dead. Instead, Italy is showing tremendous resolve and immense gallantry during this time of gravity.

Regional squabbles that have plagued Italy over the years have been set aside. There is a prevailing sense of unity and fortitude within the nation. The Italian people proudly display their Tricolor to demonstrate an unyielding determination to overcome this tragic pestilence. It is as if everyone on the Italian peninsula is giving COVID-19 the “gesto dell’ombrello” (the “Italian Salute”) in glorious, magnificent unison.

Italy is locked-down; she is suffering. Yet, despite the hardships endured by the Italian people during these dreadful times, they continue to show unconditional faith, tenacious strength, and steadfast courage.

Maybe we should follow Italy’s lead. Let’s fly the Stars and Stripes to show that good, old-fashioned American gumption that has made The United States the greatest nation in the world. COVID-19 isn’t going to beat us! Instead, we’ll combine our talents to rid the world of this horrible virus. The path to victory will be hard, and we’ll have to make sacrifices along the way. But, the word “American” ends with “I can.” And, indeed, we can do it if we all pull together as a team.

Italy has shown us the way. Now, it is up to us.

Forza Italia!

John Di Genio

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