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VIDEO: Inside Bayonne Medical Center’s new triage center

CarePoint Health has shared video footage from the additional triage center set up at Bayonne Medical Center.

The new triage center was constructed to handle any surge in presumptive cases of COVID-19 in the coming days and weeks.

As the number of infected residents in the city climbs to more than 100, the need to prioritize patients has increased.

Triage is the process of sorting sick people, in this case residents with COVID-19, into groups based on their need for or likely benefit from immediate medical treatment. Triage centers are often set up in war zones or disaster areas where medical supplies are scarce.

Currently, testing kits for COVID-19 are in limited supply. As a result, those who can be tested in Bayonne are limited. Patients with CarePoint Health doctors, healthcare workers, and first responders are the only residents who are allowed to be tested at the drive-thru COVID-19 testing site at Don Ahern Veterans Stadium, by appointment only.

As CarePoint receives more testing kits, testing will expand to patients of all doctors in Bayonne.

As a result of the increase in residents being tested, the number of infected is anticipated to increase as well. The need for more hospital beds increases simultaneously.

In order to process the surge, the triage center was constructed.

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