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Save hospitals and close borders

Dear Editor:

Years ago, I spoke against the closing of St. Francis Hospital because Jersey City was expanding which means the need for more medical services. Even the relocation of the Medical Center was a reduction of beds, the former place had 1,000 beds where the newer hospital had a fraction of that. In addition, Jersey City lost the Jewish and the Fairmount hospitals plus hospitals that closed in other parts of Hudson County. The same happened across the river where over 20,000 less beds exist in New York State.

As a retired teacher who worked in the New York City Catholic school system, I used to read the notices put out by the New York City health department, serious diseases have been spreading for awhile due to the explosion of illegal immigrants crossing the border. The health department was always reminding schools to check for inoculation records of students. There has been an uptick of measles, TB, smallpox and a variety of diseases that has not been seen in this country for a long time. These diseases put those with poor immune health at risk especially in urban areas where everyone use public transportation.

We are have ignoring this health crisis for a long time. A common sense approach was followed when immigrants arrived from Europe coming through Ellis Island. They had a quarantine period so the public would be safe.

Our health care system should be looking out for the health of citizens, stop the closure of hospitals and stop the open border mentality which puts the public at risk.

Yvonne Balcer

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