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Let’s put 5G on the ballot and vote yes or no

Dear Editor:

In England, Scotland, Netherlands, 5G towers are being vandalized, destroyed, and other European countries are protesting, pushing back against this dangerous new technology and having some success, slowing or stopping it in some cases.

In America the towers are going up everywhere, and so far, all is quiet.

Dangerous? Thousands of scientists have warned that it is, its radiation especially harmful to children’s growing brains. Of course the corporations invested in it say it’s perfectly safe, but what else can we expect from them as they press on with their goal of 5G coast-to-coast whether we like it or not.

The towers are going up all over Hoboken, too, and we are told by our Council and Mayor that we can’t stop it, that the decision to go with 5G was made “over our heads”.

Over our heads! Do we have a king, a dictator, in America, or a democracy? If we still have majority rule, why don’t we vote on it? Put it on the ballot? Let those of us who live here, raise our children here, decide to delay 5G until more scientific research, more tests, can prove whether it is safe or harmful? What’s the godawful rush here? Do we want to find out, 20 years from now when it’s too late, that our children have been damaged? 5G will speed up our wireless lives, they say. We have 4G now. Isn’t that fast enough for most sane people?

T. Weed


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