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No One Can Fill Michael Yun’s Shoes

Dear Editor:

We’re still shocked and saddened by the passing of Michael Yun. But, as is typical in Hudson County, the matter of local “politricks” must forge ahead. At this point, a little over two weeks since the untimely passing of Michael Yun, the political vultures have come out, and they are circling over the Ward D council seat. Political alliances become rekindled as hopefuls look to full the dearly departed councilman’s seat.

Without doubt, someone will fill the vacant Ward D seat in the council’s chamber. But, that is all he / she will be able to do; fill a vacant seat. No one would ever be able to fill Michael Yun’s shoes. I’ll go one better, no one – not any one of the hopefuls – are worthy to shine Michael Yun’s shoes.

Michael Yun was the true independent voice on the council. He worked for the betterment of his constituents and for the benefit of Jersey City as a whole. Michael Yun was not some local political hack; he was definitely not City Hall’s lackey. Instead, Michael Yun was a true community leader; he and his family were heroes in Ward D. And the people of Ward D have shown their love, respect, and admiration to the councilman and his family.

Michael Yun represented his ward with respect, dignity, honor, and integrity. He never compromised his ethics, values, or principles. He was no “sell-out.”

No one will ever live up to Michael Yun’s legacy.

John Di Genio

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