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Hoboken Mayor urges residents to maintain social distancing and wear masks

Hoboken has had a total of 545 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and another fatality has been reported. According to Mayor Ravi Bhalla, a man in his early 90’s died in April but the information was only just provided to  the city because he was in a nursing home.

This brings Hoboken’s fatalities to 27 since the start of the pandemic.

In an email alert to residents, Mayor Bhalla applauded the early actions residents took to socially distance and self isolate, noting that the city’s infection and mortality rates are lower than the region and comparable municipalities. But he urged residents to stay vigilant.

“Most people and residents were wearing face coverings and remaining socially distant this weekend, however I did unfortunately observe a number of people congregate in public spaces and not wearing face coverings around others,” said Mayor Bhalla.

“Hoboken, we must continue to take this virus seriously, as it has not disappeared despite the nice weather and positive data trends. If anything, now is the time to ‘double down’ on social distancing practices so we can do our best to avoid a resurgence of this virus.”

He urged residents not to congregate, to limit their trips outside the home, wear face coverings, and stay six feet away from others.

“While the risk of transmission outdoors is less than compared to indoors, medical professionals still state that the best way to remain safe is to remain six feet away from others that are not in your household,” said Mayor Bhalla, noting that people may have COVID-19 without knowing it, and could inadvertently spread it to others if they do not follow CDC guidelines.

He said as Hoboken begins to gradually reopen it is not a question of if positive COVID-19 cases will increase, but by how much and if it can be mitigated.

“I know we can do it, but it’s up to each of us to make the right decisions on a daily basis in the weeks and months to come to help make it happen,” said Mayor Bhalla. “I want schools to open back up in the fall (as do my kids), but I also know that the decisions we make know will have an impact on decisions like this one in the fall. Please continue to take the virus seriously.”

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