Power Hungry Politicians

Dear Editor:

The streets are empty, the stores are closed, and Americans are hungry, unemployed and suffering because of the Wuhan virus. What do Governor Murphy, Governor Cuomo and Comrade Mayor Bill DeBlasio hope to accomplish by extending the closures until June? What will change next month? Nothing!!

We will be told to follow social distancing and wear masks. In the meantime, these three β€œDrunk on Power” politicians, are empowering themselves by commandeering our livelihoods by closing all of the mom and pop stores (who already have a limited number of customers at any one time), giving Americans curfews by ordering us to stay home. These ego driven politicians only care about their poll numbers while people can’t pay for food, rent, mortgages, etc.

It is especially upsetting when Comrade Bill DeBlasio preaches to law abiding citizens to comply with the social distancing and masks, yet, there is no enforcement on the New York subway where young hooligans wearing no face masks, go onto the train cars and get face to face with other riders with their intentional coughing, spitting and cursing during this pandemic. You can be complying to keep yourself and others safe and yet be subjected to the illness through no fault of your own by these classless, sick individuals.

Helen Nicpon