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Boycott Chinese products, preserve our livelihood

Dear Editor:

It is hard to watch as grieving families mourn the painful loss of loved ones due to the Wuhan virus. One has to wonder how did we get here; how did China, who was a third world country thirty years ago become such a powerful competitor on the world stage.

It might have started with President Nixon opening the door to China in the 1970’s but really accelerated in October, 2000. Before his term would end, President Clinton signed the bill for China to enter the World Trade Organization (WTO), which in reality, exported most of the manufacturing jobs to China, i.e. hardware, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, steel, TVs, clothing, electronics, medical supplies, etc…

Employers looking for cheap labor and less regulations, fled to China and we were sold a bag of goods that this would be good for America. What the politicians failed to tell us when they sold us out, is the finished products, which we formerly produced, will be coming into the USA at the expense of the American worker. This mass exit left blue collar high school educated men without jobs. Consulting entrepreneurs, corporations and political family members made billions from the transfer of wealth from the U.S.A. to China.

While the media is charged with the responsibility of investigating malfeasance and reporting it, they ignored it because they were also receiving money from China in business deals. The media, corporations, and politicians from both sides of the aisle are complicit in making China rich at the expense of USA.

Blinded by greed, the CEOs were naive into thinking that China would give them direct access to their populace market of 1.4 billion. As corporations voluntarily handed over their manufacturing blueprints, China replicated it and then sold the counterfeit products to their own people. These CEOs were foolish to engage in business with distrustful communist partners. In gratitude for bestowing all of these riches upon them, the Chinese Communist Party intentionally and knowingly poured fentanyl into this country. Where was their moral compass not to do business with drug dealers?

Now, China has unleashed this toxicity in the air and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people throughout the world and ruined lives and world economies. Corporations and politicians are so entwined with China that they are afraid to criticize them because China controls the purse strings. China cost the American taxpayers $9T to fight this pandemic, 40M Americans are now unemployed and thousands of lives are lost. How could anyone justify doing any type of business with them?

A communist country should never have been allowed to enter the WTO. President Clinton made a colossal mistake by allowing this to happen. With our money, China has built their sphere of influence throughout the world. By refusing to buy anything made in China we can preserve our livelihoods.

Helen Nicpon

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