In Full Color presents virtual theater Oct. 8 and 9

In Full Color presents virtual theater Oct. 8 and 9

Do Black lives matter? How do women witness the miracles of birth and death? How can communities find healing?

These and other questions will be answered in In Full Color 2020, the sixth annual show by award-winning arts organization In Full Color (IFC). The show, slated for Oct. 8 and 9, features all new stories by an all-star cast.

“In Full Color 2020” (or #IFC2020) features 15 women of color from New York, New Jersey, Texas and California sharing monologues, poems, songs, stories and dance. Each night features a post-show talk back and different stories — meaning audiences who want the full experience should tune in both Thursday and Friday night!

This cast features women of Black, Afro-Latinx, Hispanic/Latinx, East Asian, Southeast Asian and Caribbean descent. They’ll speak on subjects like growing up queer, how motherhood intensifies sisterhood, overcoming abuse and other hot topics.

IFC founder/director Summer Dawn Reyes, who is also the director of the show, says the show’s new virtual platform has allowed them to explore new storytelling possibilities. Film, dance, music and other multimedia are woven into the 12 different stories.

“We’re experimenting with ways we can incorporate all kinds of multimedia that we couldn’t have quite done on the stage, and for the first time, we’re able to have all our writers perform their own work!” she said. “This is going to be a very unique medium, and I think we’re pushing the boundaries of what virtual theater can be.”

In Full Color 2020 is live online on Thursday, Oct. 8 and Friday, Oct. 9 at 8 p.m. EST (7 p.m. CST and 5 p.m. PST). Each night is unique and includes a post-show talkback.

Tickets are $15. For more information, including a full event lineup, visit



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